Giveaway! Twigs & Honey Bridal Hair Accessories!

March 7, 2011 | editorial team

Twigs and Honey handmade bridal veils and hair accessories, images by Elizabeth Messina

If you’re still looking for the perfect veil or hair accessory to add to your wedding day look, then today is your lucky day! Twigs & Honey designer Myra Callan is generously giving away a $150 gift certificate for use in her online store to one of our Junebug readers – that could be you! If you’re not familiar with Twigs & Honey, just take one look at these beautiful photos of her recent 2011 collection and you’ll see how lovely and special it all is. Each piece is handmade and inspired by a vintage sensibility, and quite honestly couldn’t be any prettier.

To enter to win, visit www.TwigsandHoney.com to see all of Myra’s designs and then leave us a comment here describing which piece is your favorite and how your would wear it at your wedding. We’ll accept entries all week long and choose our winner next Monday, March 14th. Good luck to all of you, and happy, happy Monday!

UPDATE! We have a winner! Congrats to Jen Corbett who will receieve the gift certificate, and thank you so much to all who entered! 

Twigs and Honey handmade bridal veils and hair accessories, images by Elizabeth Messina

All images above by photographer Elizabeth Messina. See more of this shoot in our recent blog post of the Twigs & Honey 2011 collection!


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  1. I loooove the Silk chiffon flower with blossoms – Style #122. I’ve been growing out my hair for about 3 years now, and plan to have a big fun dramatic hairdo on the big day, of course i have to have a big dramatic flower to go with that! One of those random things that the detail-oriented bride in me has worried about is that during the ceremony, based on the traditional way of standing with the bride on the left and groom on the right, my “bad side” (you know we all have one, regardless of if our fiance’s see it/understand) will be the side facing the church (and the cameras!) so i’d love to stick a big beautiful flower there to help out my look

  2. I can’t get over how beautiful that lace and sheer double flower is. I plan to wear a veil in our ceremony, but I’m dying to have this lovely for our vintage/romantic reception. Beautiful pieces and a wonderful blog!

  3. My favorite piece from Twigs and Honey is the Willamina bridal hair piece – Style # 036. I want something subtle but GORGEOUS for my hair to wear on the side above my “messy” side bun. The headpiece is one of the things I am most excited about and one thing that I think will “make” my outfit :)

  4. It’s so hard to choose – they are all so beautiful! But I think definitely the Soft silk chiffon and net flowers – Style # 022! I think it fits my gown and the style of my Spring wedding! Thanks so much!

  5. I keep going back to the Ethereal Firefly! I’ve been looking for something to wear to the reception so I can ditch my veil but still have something in my hair that’s interesting and architectural. The firefly is perfect for that! I’m planning to wear an asymmetrical hair style, and this piece will just make the whole look sing.

  6. I like the Ethereal Firefly because I like smaller decorations in my hair. I would wear it all day on my wedding day!

  7. my favorite is the lace and sheer double flower and it would work perfect with the pale orange palette I’ve selected for my September wedding.

  8. I would wear the Birdcage veil headband, straight, down the aisle!

  9. Love the Willamina hairpiece! I’m planning to wear my hear in a loose side bun and it would look beautiful pinned in there!

  10. She really has some beautiful designs. All I need to complete my look is a veil. I love birdcage veils and their Rhinestone adorned mini tulle veil – Style #145 is one of the prettiest I have seen!

  11. without a doubt the most beautiful hair accessories around!!! I would choose the Rhinestone and French Chantilly headband in ivory….it’s so soft and delicate and perfect in every way!! love it.

  12. I think I really like Style #011, the rhinestone headband. For some reason headbands are really speaking to me to me lately, and it would look great with the crystals on my gown. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I love Style #105 – the feather dahlia with leaf accents. my main wedding flowers are dahlia so i think that’d be a gorgeous tie in!

  14. it’s a toss-up between the double sheer silk flowers and the double silk gardeniaa hair comb – but either would be perfect for the loose updo with romantic curls that I’m envisioning :)

  15. i love the lace and sheer double flower one! style #102. it’s beautiful! it has the whimsical yet elegant touch that i’m looking for in a headpiece. i would wear it with my hair up, so it is the main focal point. i would probably wear it all day. that’s how pretty it is!

  16. I love the “Silk Blossom Pair”. It is so delicate and gorgeous and would go perfectly with my dress. Thank you for this giveaway! Jen

  17. My favorite is the Single feather flower with sparkle center – Style # 018. It is so simple and elegant! Great giveaway!

  18. I love the Rhinestone and french chantilly headband – Style #114.

  19. Wow! Their website makes me sad that I am only getting married once! We need to come up with more occasions for veils and flowers in our hair! I really like the rhinestone shimmer comb and would probably add a birdcage veil to it. I am planing on wearing my hair in a class chignon. Simple and beautiful, especially with a stunning headpiece!

  20. I love love LOVE the Willamina bridal hair piece – Style # 036. My dress has similar flowers on it and it would be just perfect. My plan is to pin back random strands – this piece would be on the side – to add a little pop and fun. It’s simple and elegant and beautiful – just the piece to make the look perfect and day complete. Yay!

  21. I’m in love with the Rhinestone rose and leaf tiara – Style #112. My fiance and I are eloping in a few months, once we settle down and get everything planned out. I’m hoping to get a pair of Fleuvog kitten heels and (fingers crossed) a custom knee-length party dress from Wai-Ching so I can have an amazing outfit that I can wear again but still will feel really special for the wedding. As nothing so far is really ‘bridal’ – the dress will probably be slate blue, with blue or green shoes – I would love a tiara so I can wear my hair in loose waves and truly feel like I’m a bride. On top of all of that, my fiance saw it when I was browsing and wants to try it on himself. If that’s not a vote for the tiara, I don’t know what is.

  22. Absolutely gorgeous headpieces. My fave, and it MUST be beautiful since I was not originally looking for veils, is the Vintage inspired lace bridal cap – Style #117. Breathtaking… to be worn just as is the model. <3

  23. So inspiring. Just have to say. Very lovely hair peices!

  24. I’m in love with the rhinestone and french chantilly headband – Style #114. I’m not wearing a veil and have waist length, naturally curly hair so I’ve been looking for the perfect headband for months and that one is just stunning!

  25. I love the Double sheer silk flowers – Style #137 in deep ivory. My dress is a deeper color and I haven’t been able to find any accessories (especially as gorgeous as all of these are) in a deep ivory color. It would definitely be the icing on the cake!!

  26. Such beautiful items. It took me forever to figure out which one is a favorite. I’m going to say the flourish double feather flower style 014 would match our rustic chic wedding next April 29th.

  27. French inspired bridal lace cap with veil – Style #103 That’s my favorite. It’s so timeless, and original.

  28. The Double Band Golden Tiara — without a doubt. And honestly, forget about wearing it on my wedding day; I would wear it almost every single day. I’d leave it at home if I were heading to the gym, but otherwise, that piece is too wonderful to be worn just once.

  29. I adore the Silk organza flower bomb headband – Style #108. On my wedding day, I think it would look magical with a tiered ruffle dress and with my hair down in loose curls.

  30. I like bling. Oh so much. So 132 (glimmering rhinestone hairband), maybe be way out of my budget, but is the head piece if my dreams! I would quite happily make my guests stand for the whole service and play the reception myself if it meant I could own one! Im planning on an undone up do with lots of back combing and that baby could hold it all in place! Thanks! R xx

  31. Rhinestone shimmer comb – Style #116 is amazing! I would wear it back on the side of my “loose low messy bun” at my wedding. Love it!

  32. i’m planning to wear my hair up, but sort of loose with a hairpin on the side. my favorite twigs & honey style is “Single feather flower with sparkle center – Style # 018.” i’m going to wear the “talia” jenny yoo dress, and this would work perfectly with it!!!

  33. We are boudoir photographers and would love to add the Sheer silk organza with pearl flower to our arsenal of boudoir accessories! Thanks!

  34. I would D.I.E. for either the Lace and feather accented flower – Style #144 or the Shimmering bridal headband – Style #119. I am wearing a halter dress and will have very minimal jewelry so I would love a big headpiece. My hair is shoulder length and I hope to wear it in a curly/wavy kind of flapper inspired hairstyle. Either of these beautiful handmade pieces will look so wonderful!

  35. I like all the collection. I have opted for a clear and straight line (but very very elegant) dress, which will allow me to wear a “drama touch” in my hair. my long blond hair are very important and quite the key of my personal style I consequently want to enhance them with a glamourus touch . the creamy bouqte would be just perfect http://www.twigsandhoney.com/collections/new-2011/products/creamy-bouquet-style-101 but I also LOVE the french bridal veil .my grand ma Madeleine was wearing the same one (or almost) for here wedding , 74 years ago http://www.twigsandhoney.com/collections/new-2011/products/french-inspired-bridal-lace-cap-with-veil-style-103

  36. it is impossible for me to choose. i simply adore every.single.one. any of those designs would compliment any dress and any wedding.

  37. I love the Rhinestone double flower headband! It would be the perfect addition to my braided hairstyle!Great giveaway!I love everything by Twigs and Honey!

  38. Double band golden tiara – Style #147 Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. My favorite is the soft silk chiffon and net flowers. As the title suggests, they are so soft and lovely. They would provide just the right touch so there is still something waiting after I take my veil off.

  40. Wow! Each and every one of Myra’s designs look so gorgeous. I love how rhinestones, feathers and soft silk fabrics were utilized to create such elegant floral pieces. My absolute fav is the Double band golden tiara – Style #147. It’s very classic and romantic. I love how each rhinestone and beads were beautifully set. The photographer did a superb job taking the photo of the model wearing the tiara. I love this so much that I want my hair styled the same as this photo and Ill have to find a wedding dress that will compliment the design of this tiara. Thank you!

  41. i really love Twigs & Honey stuff.. and the model, absolutely can represent that beautiful dress.. love it

  42. I’m loving the double gardenia hair comb. I’ve been eyeing a few of their pieces for my Aug wedding. Fingers crossed! Lovely giveaway :)

  43. Oh, How I would love to wear the eyelash lace cap to my destination wedding…perfect for the Irish countryside, I think so!

  44. French bandeau veil with silk organza flower bomb – Style #106 is probably one of my favorite. I love birdcage veils that frame the face, and the flowers add some dimension that just enhances everything! I think I’m in love!! I would wear it just as it is, because the overwhelming beauty is in it’s simplicity.

  45. My favourite piece is the French bandeau veil with silk organza flower bomb – Style #106 – It would be the perfect statement piece to complete my 30’s inspired gown as I arrive in style to our garden party ceremony in the excalibur convertable we’ve hired for the bridal car! xox This would be the most amazing giveaway for this vintage inspired bride on a budget!

  46. I really love this collection. There are so many beautiful pieces. I am particularly drawn to the Ethereal Firefly, the Petals Soft Blusher Veil, and the Crystal, Tulle and Velvet head piece. The Petals Soft Blusher Veil #140 matches my dress perfectly… so I’m thinking that would have to be my pick.

  47. i absolutely love the French bandeau veil with silk organza flower bomb! gorgeous piece that would look so lovely with my dress! thnx for a great giveaway!

  48. I love the golden bouquet #050 headpiece. It has that luscious pop of color from the golden flower that makes it pop! I would of course wear the headpiece with a small birdcage veil attached to it on my wedding day. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  49. The rhinestone adorned silk headband is gorgeous. I would add to it my Grandma’s art deco brooch. The theme of our wedding is art deco and it would go perfectly!

  50. oh i would so totally love to win!!! i am in love with all that is twigs and honey! if i had to pick a favorite it would be the feather dahlia with leaf accents.

  51. The double sheer silk flower would be the absolute perfect headpiece to bring out the flower beading in the bodice of my wedding dress. I would be ecstatic to win this giveaway and be able to wear this hair piece on our July 8th, 2011 wedding day!

  52. I love style #142! I need the bridal poof to add some pizazz to a short haircut and simple strapless satin gown. It is sassy and sweet, just like me.

  53. I LOVE #121. The simplicity is perfect for the modern, but classic style of our wedding and my dress. I would put a large red poppy at the base of the comb to compliment the natural movement of the light tulle, as well as compliment the pops of red that will subtely add some liveliness to our black and white wedding.

  54. I’ve been in love with the rhinestone adorned mini tulle veil for months and months! I’d wear it during the ceremony… and maybe somehow figure out how to wear it to the reception too. Perhaps tuck it in to make a fluffy fascinator? I don’t know, but I’m dying to get my hands on that beautiful, delicate, sparkly lil’ thing! I want to feel soft and romantic on my wedding day, and that veil is just the thing!

  55. i would wear Rhinestone adorned mini tulle veil – Style #145 with my hair in a low elegant side chignon

  56. Willamina is the one! I would wear it with my great grand mothers hair comb, so classic!

  57. It’s so hard to pick one!!! But the Double sheer silk flowers – Style #137 are stunning and would be perfect for my outdoor wedding in the Caribbean.

  58. I love the Twigs & Honey collection! I have been trying to find a hair accessory for 4 months now and Twigs & Honey is the website I keep coming back to. I’m wearing my hair down with lots and lots of curls, and one side will be pulled back with a hair accessory. If I could afford it I would love to wear one piece for the ceremony and then a different one for the reception, but if I had to pick one it would definitely be Willamina Bridal Hair Piece style #036 in white. It matches the flower details on my dress. I also love the Soft Silk Chiffon and Net Flowers #022 and the Silk Blossom Pair #126. They are all gorgeous! :)

  59. I would choose the rhinestone adorned mini tulle veil – Style #145. Until I saw it, I totally thought I was an anti-sparkles bride. I’m even going to remove some beading from my dress because I prefer it without. But I can’t stop looking at and drooling over this understated yet provocative tulle veil! It would add such a wonderful mystery to the innocence of the lace on my dress, and it would make my eyes sparkle. :)

  60. Omigosh! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! I’ve had my eyes on http://www.twigsandhoney.com/collections/headpieces/products/feather-cascade-head-piece-style-139 for a while and would LOVE to wear it in my hair at the gathering of a frilly pony tail half up half down with gentle whisps of hair framing my face. I can’t wait to wed the man of my dreams in November and winning one of these would be a dream come true!

  61. Rhinestone and french chantilly headband – Style #114 Hands down this is what I want to wear to my rehearsal dinner and a fabulous dinner on my honeymoon. I would LOVE it in ivory and I am pretty sure this could be my best friend’s something borrowed in her upcoming wedding.

  62. I love the Ethereal Firefly – Style #113. It’s so cute and would be perfect for my reception hair piece!

  63. Indubitably, Rumpledcake eau de parfum as I am desperately searching for a signature scent and want something romantic, long lasting and different. Thank you!

  64. My fav piece is the Flapper inspired bridal headband – Style #148.I would wear it to my summer vintage wedding with my vintage inspired wedding dress. twils2001@yahoo.com

  65. The Style # 053 lace trim veil would be perfect for my dress!

  66. I really love the handmade french chantilly lace flower (#127). I’d stick the comb in along a low, loose bun, as a pretty accent.

  67. I absolutely adore #106. It’s fresh, feminine, romantic and beautiful. I would love to win it. It would look amazing with my dress.

  68. #106 is my dream veil. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway. Everything by Twigs & Honey is gorgeous.

  69. I adore both the Rhinestone and french chantilly headband – Style #114 & the Chantilly and rhinestone self tie headband – Style # 016. I’d use them as headbands for my big day – with some gorgeous curls flowing down. kikisescapades(at)gmail(dot)com

  70. I DIE for style #037. This rhinestone and leaf design is utterly divine…..

  71. I loooove the Rhinestone adorned silk chiffon headband. I’d wear it with my hair down in big waves with my fingertip veil in tow.

  72. I absolutely love Rhinestone adorned mini tulle veil – Style #145. So beautiful!

  73. I would DIE to wear the Double layer full tulle birdcage veil – Style #131. It is modern, full, and just short enough to pair with a long sleeved tulle bridal dress I have my eye on. I don’t want something too big to overwhelm the long sleeves on the dress, and Twigs & Honey hairpieces do just enough. Add so much style and personality without all the bulk of the traditional veil. So chic!

  74. I like Glimmering rhinestone headband – Style #132. It’s timeless and probably will become a family heirloom, for a wedding, anniversaries and many many special events in my life.

  75. Totally loving Style #111! Quirky and romantic without being too formal

  76. Wow – her designs are beautiful! I LOVE the Rhinestone shimmer comb (#116). It would be perfect in my hair with a half up/half down style!

  77. Wow, so hard to choose. I love pretty much all the sparkly ones, but I think the rhinestone band, 011, is my favorite. I like that it’s got a little glitz, but still feels a little more relaxed.

  78. I love the double silk gardenias. It’s so Billie Holiday and would go great with my classic hollywood look!

  79. I really love the Handmade silk chiffon and organza flower, it is so soft and romantic looking… It would look perfect with an updo, (which is how I intend to wear my hair on my wedding day…)

  80. I love the silk blossom pair style # 126. It’s the perfect size and SO pretty.

  81. I choose the tulle bridal bow! I am wearing my curly hair loose, and I think it will be a great combination!

  82. I like the rhinestone band (style 011). I plan on wearing my hair mostly down, and don’t really want a veil. I think this would make is a little extra special. :-)

  83. My favorite piece is #114, I think this would match my dress perfectly. I don’t want to wear veil but I still want something to keep my hair out of my face. I think I’m going to wear a loose bun but we’ll see once I meet with my hairstylist. Either way I know she would create a great hairstyle with this piece.

  84. I love Rhinestone rose and leaf tiara – it’s so elegant and classic. I’d love to wear it with a beautiful white dress and high heels. I would feel so proud of myself. I know in this tiara I would look perfectly :) ________ my email is: kasia433@onet.eu

  85. So many beautiful hair pieces! I loved them all, but my favorite was the Silk blossom pair. I would wear it on the side of my loose, messy up-do.

  86. I am having an English Garden themed wedding and have been looking high and low for a lovely floral wreath to go in my hair. My hair and dress will have a vintage/romantic look. I want my hair in long romantic curls with pieces tied up, topped off with: Rhinestone rose and leaf tiara – Style #112 :)

  87. I LOVE Ethereal Firefly – Style #113. we are wedding photographers and would love to have it for engagement shoots.

  88. Everything at Twigs & Honey is absolutely gorgeous. But my number one favourite has to be the Rhinestone adorned mini tulle veil. It will add that element of mystery, a bit of sparkle and vintage flair to my outfit for the big day. I am planning on a styling my hair low at the nape of my neck with my hair swept along my forehead – very 50’s glam – And that piece would be the icing on the cake!

  89. I love the silk blossom pair in ivory. It would go perfectly with my dress for my beach wedding!

  90. I absolutely love the Double layer teardrop veil – Style #111. I love a little sparkle and sequin and feel that this is the perfect touch without being over the top and would look fabulous with the wedding dress! I would be so lucky to have this veil!

  91. I love the double silk gardenias hair comb style #118. I’m not planning on wearing a veil, and I think this piece would be perfect for the updo that I’m going with. I just had my hair trial this past weekend. I’m going with a french braid across the back and then pulled up into a messy bun.

  92. I love the Silk organza flower headband #108~it’s on a headband so will be perfect for my super-short hair! So many beautiful styles~I wish more of them were on headbands!

  93. My favorite is Double layer tulle and russian veiling… I’m not a big fan of classic veils and this one is kind of funky. I think it has a nice personality and would be a nice accent to my rather plain wedding dress!

  94. Love love love the Petals soft blusher veil!! I would wear it in combination with a flower hairpiece and I love the soft and romantic effect it will give my ivory and peach gown. Wonderful!

  95. I’m OBSESSED with#133 and #143!!! LOVE THEM!!!

  96. I LOVE the “Bridal or special occasion crown – Style #047.” One–it’s beautiful. Two–I’ve always wanted to wear flowers in my hair. But Three–I think it would look even more amazing on my roommate, Daphne. She’s getting married in July and outside. The pale pink and yellow flowers would make her low chignon hair style even more summery and fun AND it’d match her colors, and they’d frame her face beautifully.

  97. Everything is gorgeus, I wish I lived by a shop that carried Twigs and Honey so I could try them on. I looooooooove the golden tiara for the reception. I am marrying a man with the last name King so shouldn’t I look like a princess? I also want to wear a veil for the ceremony, but can’t decide between the petals blusher and blushing silk tulle veil…. Can I order a few and return the ones that don’t work?

  98. Its really impossible to only pick one! But I do love the Triple silk flower headband – Style #110 because its so sweet and simple and whimsical!

  99. I’d adorn myself with style 117, with my hair down in soft curls. This veil smacks of vintage sweetness and grace without being fussy. Its lovely.

  100. I love the rhinestone adorned mini veil, style 145. Before seeing this piece I wasn’t sure I wanted to were a veil, but now I do!

  101. Oh I really hope I win! My favorite is the Handmade silk tulle flower headband – Style # 04. It’s so unique.

  102. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Style #106!! I am getting married in New Orleans in October and the theme of the wedding is French Quarter vintage. From pin curled hair to a very southern soft organza ball gown I am trying to infuse every aspect with vintage French touches.

  103. Love number style number 14. Absolutely breathtaking. I also love the main picture on here.

  104. I love style #126. I would wear it with a romantic up do and I would feel like such a princess!

  105. #106 is so glamorous and perfect for my wedding!

  106. I love the rhinestone shimmer comb!!! Gorgeous stuff:) I would wear it on top of a low-slung bun with loose, knotty curls.

  107. I absolutely adore the lace and sheer double flower #102. I would have my hair pulled to the side, pinned with cascading curls!

  108. I can’t decide between #125 or #101-they’re both absolutely gorgeous! Either one would look amazing with my dress…

  109. I’ve been looking at Twigs and Honey creations for months now, but they’re mostly beyond our budget! They are just stunning! My favorites are the double layer tulle birdcage veil and the Handmade silk chiffon and organza flower – Style # 023! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  110. Style 117 to to die for!

  111. Amongst all of the beautiful pieces in this collection, my favorite is the Glimmering Rhinestone Headband- style # 132. I’m considering having two dresses: a ceremony gown, and a party dress for the reception. This means a whole new look: new dress, new shoes, new hairstyle and new accessories. I plan to wear my hair side-swept with soft curls and this headpiece would just be devine! The combination of pearls and rhinestones woven to replicate delicate flowers would accent my hairdo and compliment my simple, satin, Ivory, form-fitting party dress (appropriate for dancing all night in). It adds just enough sparkle for a glamourous and romantic look. What bride wouldn’t like to have jewelry in their hair and truly feel like royalty for a day? ;)

  112. I love T&H so much. I’ve been pining over the Creamy bouquet headpiece #101. I would love to pair it with a birdcage veil headband that I could wear for the ceremony but easily remove for the reception. I would also have to seriously consider the trimmed modern birdcage veil headband (#130). It is so unique! And I think it could be a nice contrast to my flowy, romantic dress.

  113. I have no idea how I could ever choose just one look. I love the soft petal blusher veil and the beautiful bridal mini hat. Our weddin is going to be a small outdoor affair and I think either of these would suit the light and airy feel I hope to achieve on my wedding day. It would be such a dream to wear a twigs and honey piece. A truly magical touch to my ensemble.

  114. I LOVE Twigs & Honey! I would pick Rhinestone double flower headband styled with a low bun!

  115. I like the Whimsical Bridal Halo – Style # 115. It reminds of the laurel that Jenny wore when she married Forrest and that’s how I’ve always pictured my wedding. I plan to wear my hair down with the long curls that my daddy passed on to me and this halo would be perfect with my vintage-style wedding dress and rural-chic themed wedding.

  116. I really really love the Silk Blossom Pair (#126). I’m having a very low-key, relaxed, and calm wedding – I’ll wear my hair down and a little wavy. These flowers would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  117. Ooooo! I am absolutely in love with Eyelash lace trim bridal cap – Style #109!! Down and wavy all the way :)

  118. I’ve been admiring your rhinestone hairpieces since before I got engaged. I love agonizing over whether the rhinestone shimmer comb or the shimmering bridal headband would look better with my dress. They’re such beautiful pieces of art – I can’t wait to see one in real life.

  119. I love Style #147, inspired by nature just like my wedding. I would wear my hair in a loose bun with this piece!

  120. I love love love the Rhinestone rose and leaf tiara (Style #112)! It is such a graceful piece! I’d have to play with my hair – but I’m thinking hair down simply, with the natural curl allowed. :)

  121. As a Wedding photographer who is now planning my own wedding.. it’s so hard to nail down just ONE perfect detail. However I would say in my top 5 from Twigs & Honey is : Flourish double feather flower – Style # 014

  122. oh my! oh my! i just love petals soft blusher veil – style #140 and i would be honored to wear it on my wedding day!

  123. For the funky diva channeling her inner gladiator, the Uptown T-strap would leave a
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