Giveaway! A Pretty Bridal Garter from The Garter Girl!

January 9, 2012 | editorial team

It’s our first giveaway of the new year, and it had to be good, so who did we call but our pal The Garter Girl!

stylish bridal garters from The Garter Girl

The Garter Girl designer Julianne Smith has a passion for the fun that bridal garters can bring to a wedding day. She creates sweet, simple garter designs with thoughtful details, and specializes in custom pieces made just the way you’re envisioning.

Today Julianne is generously giving one lucky Junebug reader the garter of her choice – thanks Juli! You can choose a design from any of her collections – Traditional, Modern, Eco-Friendly, Something Blue or Couture, or work with her on a custom garter. To enter to win simply visit The Garter Girl website, take a look around, and leave us a comment here describing which garter designs you love the most. We’ll accept entries all week, and choose our winner at random on Monday, January 16th. Have fun everyone!

stylish bridal garters from The Garter Girl

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  1. Love it! My favorite is Style #354. They’re all so beautiful!

  2. I love the purple goddess!

  3. I love the vintage corset garter, in pink! I also love how fun and excited the artist is on her blog. What a great company!

  4. I love style 259 & 263! They’re beautiful!

  5. I really love Style 358. It’s the Simply Lace and a traditional garter. As modern as my wedding is going to be (131 days and counting!!), I LOVE to idea of the super traditional garter. Fingers crossed!!!

  6. Style 356 is my favorite!

  7. I love Style 257. The green will go nicely with my wedding colors and when looking at the customization with the blue ribbon would be a perfect combination for my ‘something blue’.

  8. woops. i meant Style 257. I guess my copy/paste skills are not very good.

  9. I love the Ivory Lace and Light Blue Garter Set style 357!!! Good luck to everyone :-)

  10. Adore the purple goddess garter! I went to the University of Washington who’s colors are purple and gold, and purple and blue are our wedding colors! PLUS my shoes are a lovely plum color which would match the garter nicely. I hope I win because I definitely can’t afford such a lovely garter.

  11. My absolute fav is the Lace & Pearls Garter from the Couture Collection…it is Beautiful! When I think of Weddings & Brides….lace & pearls both come to mind! I love them so much, I plan on wearing pearls on my big day & having lace in my Dress & Veil!! :)

  12. I love the Style 263 because it would match my wedding dress which has rosettes all over it. Such an wonderful giveaway!

  13. I love the second one with the gems and different color florets! GORGEOUS!!! In fact I think it can be used for other occasions after the wedding. Love garters.

  14. Let’s face it – brides want the something borrowed, new or blue items to be some of the easiest decisions when you are planning a wedding. That’s why I love the something blue section – especially #264. The only place the color blue fits in for my October wedding is under my dress!

  15. love them all. anyone will fit.

  16. I would have to say that I am torn between style 151 and 258. I love them both!!

  17. I love the Chic Sailor! My fiance are both sailors and are getting married by the water with our sail boat moored in the background. Perfect for our beach/sailboat them wedding!

  18. So many of the pictures are not working for me. But from what little I can see, I do like the French Maid the best.

  19. I love style 150. Can’t get enough of the polka dots! Has a great retro feel that would go with my dress!

  20. My absolute favorite is the Turquoise Dove. It is elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, with a splash of fun. I love the bright and electric turquoise with the classy and almost vintage feeling feather. It would go perfect with my old fashioned themed wedding and will add some color to my color scheme. regardless, garter girl is AMAZING!

  21. Style 263 is my favorite

  22. Absolutely adore the classy Lace & Pearls garter!

  23. I love the Ivory lace ruffles with a light satin bow. Its so sweet and classic! <3

  24. I love style 355, which is the lovely and lace.

  25. I love love love love love love love garter girl!! OMG they are so beautiful! As I looked around I def tried to keep my groom in mind which led me to my favorites … the something blue collection (his favorite color) and the French maid from the couture collection (that’s a long story ;) lol) so hope to win one of these beautiful pieces :)

  26. I like style 265. Beautiful color.

  27. I love style 355! So beautiful and elegant!!

  28. 265 is my favourite~ Really cute and would love to be able to wear this to our special day!

  29. Thanks so much for this, I had not come across Garter Girl before and I am just heading over to their site to drool now… so exciting and such a lovely morning treat!

  30. Style 261 is in my wedding colors!

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Rosette! So ME!! just beautiful too. THe purple goddess is absolutely hot too!

  32. All of them are beautiful! I love two, the Vintage Corset and style 267 in the Modern Collection. Who knew you could have so much variety for Garters! If i had to choose between the two, I think I’d go for the Vintage Corset.

  33. I love Style 252…it would be perfect for my something blue!

  34. I LOVE style 356! It’s so feminine and pretty!!

  35. I LOVE 356! I’m all about lace. I’m a sucker for anything with a vintage feel and lace!

  36. Style #355 is beautiful! It reminds me of my wedding dress

  37. Unfortunately can’t get all of them to load :( BUT! I love the Couture collection. Loving French Maid and Intimate Lingerie the best I think!

  38. They are all so beautiful! I gravitate towards the lacy designs and I also adore retro and eclectic pieces so the Vintage Corset garter is the perfect one for me. Intimate Lingerie is a close second :)

  39. I adore style 356! Very vintage, sexy, and shuttle. Truly beautiful!

  40. I LOVe 265, it’s blue – which is so important and hard to find, especially if you are wearing a blush dress – and it’s got that antique look I love!

  41. I love 265 because of the blue lace! But I also really love the lace & pearls one. So pretty!

  42. Usually I’m not a garter fan, but I love Lace & Pearls -so unbelievably chic!

  43. They are all so beautifully pretty. Would love to win Style 358, ah bliss!

  44. I will take style 354, 355 or 356… or really any of them. They are so gorgeous! aandj8804[at]gmail.com

  45. I love styles 358 and 355. Both are so simple, yet lovely and the perfect compliment to my wedding ensemble!

  46. I would need longer to chose the style i loved, but i love the black lace on white ones, but it may be lovely to have that custom designed to be blue lace on white? i dont know so many GORGEOUS choices !! i would just love to win, thank you for such a great competition!!

  47. Checked out her site – I really like garter # 358! Very beautiful design.

  48. I love the Velvet Necklace Garter. It would go great with my wedding dress, its black and white! Our Day is 10/13/12

  49. Love the Lace & Pearls garter from the couture collection, as well as Style 355 from the traditional. Would absolutely love the chance to work with her on a custom garter! Great giveaway – thanks!

  50. OH haha this is a really old giveaway – just kidding!

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