Give Away! Win A Lukab and Motwani Wedding Clutch!

August 25, 2008 | editorial team

Today I’m thrilled to say we have a fun and fashionable give away from purse designer Lukab and Motwani. This raw silk “Rumi” clutch with crystal and glass accents was one of my recent picks for beautiful vintage inspired accessories, but with those strong geometric angles and delicate detailing I think it would probably look gorgeous with any style wedding dress. Interested? Here’s the scoop!

ivory raw silk wedding clutch by Lukab and Motwani

Every bride needs a few essentials on hand throughout her wedding day, but how do you decide exactly what those things should be? We want to hear your plans. What would you put inside this lovely clutch and keep near you on your wedding day?  It’s nicely roomy at 11.5″ x 5″ x 1.5″, so you can really fill ‘er up.

And, if you’re feeling like using your imagination, a bonus question: If this clutch were a Mary Poppins style bag with a magically endless amount of room inside it, (remember when she pulled the giant coat rack and lamp out of her little carpet bag?) what meaningful things would you love to bring along on your oh-so-important day? A person? A place? A personal team of stylists?

Leave a comment with your answers and we’ll randomly choose a winner at the end of the week. Can’t wait to hear your ideas! Good luck!

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  1. Emergency supplies.. since I used to work guest security at anime conventions, I’d add a compact mirror, safety pins, bobby pins, chapstick, sunscreen, nail clippers, mints, ibuprophen, eye drops, afrin and a tampon. It’s nice to be over-prepared.

  2. Let’s go for the bag of holding version, though no people. People should be allowed to play. I’d bring a few wigs and extra outfits, several video game consoles and extra snacks in case people stayed late.

  3. Tissues, tissues, tissues!! I’m the first of 4 girls to marry, and he’s the 1st boy to marry…at 37, so there’s a lot of people who will be crying, including us. Oh, and a small bottle of hair spray. Getting married in the Dominican Republic means lots of beach breezes and humidity!

  4. AHHHH I’ve had a MAJOR crush on that clutch for what seems like an age!!! Fingers crossed. Ok…I would include some oil blotting pads, lip gloss, some makeup touchup supplies, ID and credit card, gum, floss, hotel key, tissues, and my good luck charm. My Mary Poppins bonus would be my SLR camera, my baby! I hate to leave it behind but I don’t think it’d be the most practical thing for the bride to lug that thing around all night.

  5. Hmm… I’d pack lipstick, kleenex, q-tips for makeup touchups, those gel band-aid things for blisters, talking points for our speech, pressed powder. If I could magically fit a person in there I’d put my friend Meaghan in it since she can’t make it from Taiwan (she could magically get from Taiwan to my purse in Toronto, surely). Oh! And a croquet set.

  6. Gorgeous clutch! If I’d had a magic stuffable purse at my wedding, it would have been filled with my cats, a good book, a cloak of invisibility, and a giant bottle of ibuprofen! I would have loved to have my cats at my wedding, but realistically I new it was a no-go. The book would be for the boring moments … yes, there were some! The cloak and ibuprofen for when I’d just had enough of everything!

  7. Pretty clutch! Hmmm Mary Poppins bag? My good friend delivered her baby 10 weeks early and she might not be out of the NICU in time for the wedding, so I’d try to stash the NICU in the bag and bring them along so they could peep out and see the wedding. In a real bag, such as the clutch, I’d put chapstick, an unopened thing of superglue, chapstick and lipgloss, some cash, safety pins, bobby pins, a travel toothbrush and some gum. Maybe a compact too if it could fit.

  8. a hairstylist – i still can’t decide how to wear my hair so she can just redo it different times during the day…

  9. Ok, so realistically I would bring lip gloss, powder, tissues, bobby pins, my tiny digital camera, and my cell phone. If it were a “Mary Poppins” bag, I’d bring my 92 year old Grandmother who won’t be able to make the trip to our wedding. I am using diamonds from her ring in my wedding band, so it would mean a lot for me to actually have her there on my wedding day (assuming at the end, I can just pop her back in the clutch and she will be safe at home with plenty of time to rest). Again with the “Mary Poppins” bag, I’d also throw in a change of shoes for when the first set start to rub and on my way out of the reception I’d stuff a few pieces of cake in the clutch for a late night snack!

  10. Lots of Kleenex – I’m beyond emotional right now and can’t imagine what I will be like on my wedding day.

    Mary Poppins Style – my fiance’s entire famly from South Africa who will not be able to attend our wedding.  Plus my sister who will be 8 months pregnant.  : )

  11. A lipstick, cell phone, digital camera, and magic wand for anything that was forgotten or left undone!

  12. OH I love that clutch.  I would have to say that I would pack extra photographers.  I realize that I will already have a wedding photographer present, but I am OBSESSED with pictures {particularly wedding pictures} so on my wedding day there cannot be enough of them!  I would bring along some of my favorite wedding photographers from all over the world.

  13. I would put breath mints in this bag! After eatting all of my delicious wedding food I would hate to breath something foul into my dance partners face be it my (then) husband, my amazing father or any other male guest :-) I would also put this photo of be telling my mom I had just gotten engaged! I’m sitting in a bathrobe with my glasses on as I had pink eye for the proposal. I am screaming into the phone with this overjoyed look on my face. I know that if got stressed during the actual day of the wedding this photo would help me realize why it’s all worth it. Now if this was a super special Mary Poppins bag I would put my stuffed animal doggie in it. He’s a dalmation and means the world to me. He will of course be at the wedding in my bridal suite but if I was able to put him in my bag he would always be right by my side!

  14. This bag is FANTASTIC! I love the beautiful fabric and the bedazzling! Fabulous!

  15. Oh.my.goodness… words can’t describe how beautiful that clutch is!  Such a wonderful giveaway! There will be kleenex, makeup most definitely, but I think I would have to find a watch that could stop time, if even for a bit, and make my wedding last longer!  I know it will go by much too quickly!

  16. Guitar picks, clear nail polish, Tylenol!  hankies, mints, bandaids, lipstick, oil absorbing sheets, compatct, mirror.  And a little good luck of course.

  17. What a beautiful clutch! I’m sure it would hold my lipstick, handkerchief, needle & thread and safety pins, small camera, ID and a bit of mad money in case the party goes on beyond the reception!

  18. I would bring along my favorite MAC lipgloss, kleenex (as I know I am going to be emotional) and my camera! I love capturing the candid photos that the photographer may not be able to capture!

  19. Oh dear…. I would bring tissues (mandatory for my weepie eyes), a baby camera (just because I paid a small fortune for photography doesn’t mean I won’t be tempted to take me own!), my grandmother’s blue stoned ring (a gift from my grandfather on their wedding day), some rose lip gloss, and a few safety pins (props to Barbara above who thought of that one!). This clutch is perfect for a rustic / vintage wedding. Very timeless and elegant.

  20. I stinkin love this clutch! I would of course bring a few emergency kit items (sewing kit, shout wipes, etc.), and blush! Gotta have my blush. Also, a letter for my groomy to read before the ceremony. Love it!

  21. Hmmmm… There are so many things to carry… I would pack in my first aid kit in a film bottle (that I made for the first time in Brownies when I was like 7), because you can never be too prepared. I would add a little baggie of chalk to cover up marks on my dress, some chapstick (I anticipate A LOT of kissing, and heaven forbid my lips become “unkissable”). I am obsessive about having clean teeth, so a small mirror and toothbrush (hopefully I will have time to duck away and brush!) would be a necessity. The most important thing however, would be my great grandmother’s wedding ring (with their wedding date in 1914 engraved on the band!!!) sewn in to the liner, so I could carry their legacy with me. Sigh.

  22. My! My! Whom ever wins this bag will be a lucky girl! Gorgeous Clutch! Good luck girls!

  23. Obvi you bring the essentials, but if I had a Mary Poppinsesque bag on my wedding day, I would bring Tim Gunn.

  24. I would bring all my stylists and of course my favorite bottle of wine!

  25. So Beautiful! I would put in extra lipstick, Kleenex, my Sorority mirror, and tylenol.

  26. What great comments!!! I love all of your ideas, and some of them are seriously cracking me up. Keep it coming ladies! That clutch needs a good home!

  27. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin… Okie.. Well…my wedding day timeline (which pretty much needs a Mary Poppins style bag), emergency supplies, makeup, camera, my puppy, a floor mirror, a djembe drum.

  28. Tissues, lipstick, mini-perfume, headache tablets ummm… sure there must be more! If it was Mary Poppins style, I would have my dog Toby! He’s part of our family so I think he should be there too.

  29. Oh it’s such a beautiful clutch. I would carry the essentail supplies: tissues, bandaids, bobby pins, safety pins, lipstick, blotting tissues for post dancing picture oiliness, and a paper bag for pre-wedding nerviousness. Also a flip video camera so I can get some candid video from the day. We’re not hiring a videographer so I’d like to get some of the day from my own perspective. The flip camera is so small it would fit perfectly in there. Plus I love candids Now if I had the mary poppins bag, that would include a bottle of wine, ballet flats for when my killer heals start to hurt, and my hair stylist for when my hair enivitably gets flat.

  30. I’d put Clean & Clear blotting papers, breath mints and lipstick in the clutch. If I could pull a Mary Poppins, I’d bring all of our kitties to stay with us at the resort!

  31. Essential items: First and foremost would be en embroidered handkerchief to stop the tears that will inevitably be falling during the ceremony. Next would be a copy of my wedding vows – as I am saying them in my fiance’s language, German, I might need a little reminder. After than it would be all of the practical stuff – aspirin, lip gloss, mini sewing kit, bandaids, powder, etc. Mary Poppins item: My best friend who will be 8 months pregnant at the time and unable to join us. Without magic, we’ll have to settle for a photograph and cell phone to call her!

  32. I would bring along the standards: a comb, extra bobby pins, small hair spray, lipstick, lip gloss, pressed powder compact, tampon (maybe), ibuprofen, blotting papers, band-aids, tissues, cell phone and disposable camera for fun. Also, a pair of comfy havaina flip flops for late night and maybe a comfy undergarment if the whole bridal get-up becomes uncomfortable. If this were a Mary Poppins bag, then of course champagne and cheese would fit. So would a video camera so that we wouldn’t miss a moment of fun and last but not least a flying umbrella so that my new hubbie and I could be whisked away to our honeymoon as soon as possible!!

  33. I need concealer, lipgloss, tissues, blisterblock, nail file, bobby pins, blotting paper, hairspray, and maybe some eyeliner. I would love to include my dog Munster (chocolate Lab) and my Rainbow flip flops if the bag was large enough.

  34. My advice to the lucky bride carrying this purse would be to keep it simple.  Tissues, safety pins, aspirin and any tools for basic hair and make-up maintenance are essential.  Another wonderful must-have is double-sided tape.  It can help keep bridal and bridesmaid’s dresses in place, baste a torn hem in a pinch and even help affix boutonnieres and corsages at the end of the night when the bridal party starts cutting loose!

  35. Realistically, I would have the essentials, my lip color of the moment, bobby pins, a perfume roller, oil blotting pads, and a mini pack of Altoids (you end up very close to peoples’ faces when you bend down to talk to them!). Mary Poppins version, I would be packed for the honeymoon so I wouldn’t have to check a bag! Lord knows it’s $50 now!

  36. with my big day only 12 weeks away and being a wedding photographer myself I’d bring the following: Ipod – to listen to music to calm my nerves Lipgloss in his favorite flavor (cherry vanilla) A vintage hanki that belonged to my grandmother who was a fashionista herself (and probably would have loved this clutch) A picture of my late grandfather since he could not be there to walk me down the aisle. A list that told me to : breathe,relax,enjoy My vows. If it was marry’s never ending purse (somewhat like the large bags I carry) I would bring my camera, cause I can’t live without it, and a pair of converse to dance the night away.

  37. Ooh, those are gorgeous!  Lessee, in mine would be Burt’s Beeswax chapstick, Kleenex, bobby & safety pins, a Tide bleach pen (or something of that nature), face-blotting papers, a wee bottle of asprin, a few Q-Tips (for when my face make-up starts to run due to the sweatiness caused by my amazing dancing skills and/or my “I’ve-had-a-few-drinks,-but-man-I-love-you-guys” tears, band-aids for the dancing blisters, and if the bag was large enough, a camera to capture some moments from my POV to look back on!

  38. The clutch is beautiful!  I would put in it oil blotting sheets, tissues, chapstick, a small camera (i plan to snap candid ones even at my wedding), wallet (i can’t seem to part with my wallet, probably coz it has band-aids in it).  And for the Mary Poppins style… flip flops, a whole meal (just dessert is fine too), and my favorite pillow (like a binkie to me, i know it’s weird).

  39. What a clutch! I would keep my grandma’s rosary, a handkerchief that was made from my mother’s wedding gown, and my father’s antique watch to remind me to have the time of my life! My family is most important to me and I need them to be close to be on the big day!!!

  40. gosh thats GORGEOUS! I would bring… LOTS of tissues (i’m a crier, as is my dad), my cannot-live-without Benefit lip gloss, an emergency tampon, some of that awesome sticky hemming tape in case there is a last minute clothing emergency. My magic Mary Poppins item? fingers crossed everyone will RSVP Yes! but in case a guest can’t make it? they’d be in the clutch for sure.

  41. Beautiful clutch! Would complement my dress perfectly! I would keep it simple: some extra bobby pins, lip gloss and a tissue or two.

  42. ooooh, shiny! my real handbag would be filled with: -pictures! (family, friends, and dad who just passed away) -passport & plane tickets (to our dream honeymoon to italy, of course…we are dreaming, right?) -alcohol minis: gin for me, jack for hubby ( to calm our ‘nerves’ ;) ) -the rings (bc i know i will totally be the one to lose them) -compact (which matches the clutch, of course) -gloss (i must admit, dr. pepper lipsmackers is ‘my color’) -bobby pins (bc im sure ill need more than the 870 that will already be in my hair) and Mary Poppins would surely understand: -both of our puppies (not allowed at the site :/ ) -’68 Chevelle (the one he hasnt yet finished restoring) to whisk us away at the end of the night -iphone (i dont have one, so this will come in the dream bag…right?) -cupcakes (yum.) -dad ..okay the ‘real’ and ‘mary poppins’ list ended up overlapping a bit… a girl can dream, cant she?

  43. I’d keep it simple – lipstick and a handkerchief.

  44. Lip gloss, a handkerchief or two (I’ll need them!), and something to keep me from getting shiny. If I could put anything in there at all…..my kitten, Sprinkles!

  45. Lip gloss, kleenex, needle & thread, safety pins, bandaid, concealer, bobby pins, tampon, hairspray, and a personal stylist!

  46. In reality I would carry the ’emergency essentials’ and a picture of the two of us from high school (8 years ago) because it makes me smile. If it were a Mary P. bag I would carry a portable dress steamer, ice cold lemonade to keep me refreshed, and the requisite tuppence (to feed the birds, just in case).

  47. I’d fill my clutch with some lip gloss, a compact mirror, some powder, my digital camera and Kleenex. Maybe I’d throw in a sheet with contact information for everyone involved with the wedding. If I had the Mary Poppins bag, I would definitely fit in my own team of stylists and my dog!

  48. Let’s see… For real: lipstick/gloss, nail polish, bobby pins, band-aids (in case my shoes decide to hurt me), my iphone (cause i’m a dork like that, sometimes I can’t remember what I did before it) Mary Poppins: my puppy since she can’t come, and later in the night i’d stuff my whole wedding cake in there for late night snack at the hotel

  49. Simply stunning clutch! If I won, I’d give it to my sister who is getting married in 8 weeks. But before I gave it to her, I’d stuff it full of Kleenexes! She’s such a crier!

  50. Probably as many tissues as I can fit. Its be an emotional day, I can share them out. My mum cried buckets when we went dress shopping, I can’t imagine how bad it will be on the day.

  51. oooh… pretty clutch!

  52. I would store pictures of my grandparents who weren’t able to join us for our wedding day so that they could be by our side nonetheless… and lots of tissues and bobby pins and emergency items!

  53. I love it! For real I would put my go-to Burt’s Bees chapstick, an extra handkerchief, a small hand-held fan (I get hot so easily), and my camera – I just can’t part with it, even though I love my photographer & I probably won’t use it. And Excedrin – it goes with me everywhere just in case! As a former nanny, I love the “endless” bags that I could stuff forever: I would put the children that I used to nanny in this bag with their parents (they’re most likely unable to come w/ their dad just getting back from his deployment the week of it), my trusty flip-flops, a fan that magically keeps me cool all day, my large camera, and as we leave the reception, I would stuff the rest of the cake into it so I could eat as much as I want without looking ridiculous!

  54. Wow, that clutch would match my dress ***perfectly***. Could I put in something that doesn’t exist – something that will make me not sweat? Like… magic?

  55. So pretty.

    I would fill it with eye drops, a hankie, chapstick, headache medicine, and a compact of powder. If it were a magical Mary Poppins bag I’d like to smuggle in a machine to freeze time. I imagine I might want everything to stop for just a few second so I can look around and take it all in.

  56. Ummmm, I live in humid Houston so definitely some blotting papers. Kleenex, gum, lip gloss, hair pins, q-tips for smudged makeup, deoderant, perfume, blush, powder, mirror (I’m so vain), comb, tylenol, lotion and a camera for candid pics!

  57. Well clearly the bag is fabulous – I love it.  And I really need a bag!  As for what I’ll put in, besides the obv lipstick, powder and makeup arsenal as well as some extra eyedrops and contacts (since my eyes always bother me), I will put in a pair of flats! – because I have some lovely 4-inch heels to wear for my wedding day but suspect that after about an hour, some nice flippity flops will be fabulous.  And heck, while I’m at it, I’d love to have a wedding planner in there – because I know something will go wrong on the day of and wouldn’t I just love to pull her out of the purse and put her in charge of the problem instead of dealing with it myself?

  58. lipstick, extra contact lenses, blotting papers, wish it was big enough for a spare set of heels because I just KNOW I’m going to snap one of mine in half.

  59. So out of this magical clutch are miniature versions of the following people, who will then inflate to real size:

    – Borat (to lend even more of an “international” flair to my already dominican-spanish-american wedding – he would come complete with a jar of gypsy tears and an ill-fitting suit!)

    – Brangelina (since with so many paparazzi, who needs a paid photographer?)

    – U2 (just for a quick cameo/performance)

    – Hot mess Lisa from Bridezillas (the insane NJ bride! – I would want her to pop out for 2-3 minutes max, just to remind me that getting all in a lather about your wedding is exactly the opposite of what the day should be about)

    Oh, and another thing the clutch would have: a time-freezing device.  Everyone says the day flies by – and our day is going to be the planets aligning … friends and fam from every continent meeting in Madrid to celebrate – what I would give for that night to last forever!

    In conclusion, the clutch is awesome. It matches the cathedral and my aesthetic perfectly!

  60. I think tissues is NB!!!! and my lipstick …what else would a girl need on the day… everyone must pamper me girl ! :) sam ellis

  61. I would hold a compact, lipgloss, a mini bottle of perfume, and some advil, just in case! I think that I might put my vows in there too, but hopefully not use them. And a really cute hanky!

  62. I would take my lipstick, a hankie, my compact and and eye drops. I know my eyes will be a little red from tears of joy – and from the sleepless nights before! :) If it was a Mary Poppins bag, I would carry along my dog Maia. I’d love her to be there, but the venue won’t allow it! I would also carry my fiance’s dad who lives in the Czech Republic. He most likely won’t make it because of his health. It would be magic to have him there.

  63. I will bring extra bobby pins, lipstick, lip gloss, a little mirror. And I would also cram in my friend Jo who can’t come to the wedding because her doctor ordered no travling until after the first trimester.

  64. I’m planning to carry extra bobby pins, lipstick, lip gloss, compact mirror, contact drops, hand lotion, and tissues.  If I had the Mary Poppins bag, I’d pack my make-up artist and hair stylist because I just know I’m going to melt before the end of the night!

  65. A pair of Havaiana flip flop in case I can’t stand in my  3″ wedding shoes anymore; a digital camera to caputure the moment from the bride’s points of view; and Clarins lip balm! I can live without lip colour (as I have naturally red lips) but not lip balm! That’s for my poor dry lips.

  66. I would take my lipstick, tissues, and camera – although I’m sure I won’t have time to use it. If I could bring anything it would be everyone who is unable to travel to our out of town wedding.

  67. Wow, this bag is glorious. It would be a dream to carry under my arm on my special day. I would pack it full of the essentials…lip gloss, a compact mirror, tissues, hairspray, and breath mints. But if it were a Mary Poppins bag~ my grandparents who have passed away, a mini bottle of Patron, and something to slow down time so I could remember every detail and every face there! :)

  68. A relatively light packer: white super soft tissues–my nose is sensitive:), MAC lipgloss-it can be a bit sticky but it looks great in photos, a travel sized concealer for any midnight touch-ups and mascara. If it were Mary Poppins style…i’d pull out Brian McKnight and Justin Timberlake to serenade the first dance with “My Kind of Girl.” That would be sweet!!

  69. the bag is amazing….. i would have a breath mints for after i eat all the great food throughout the day….most importantly i would carry my favorite picture of my parents on their wedding day to remind me what an amazing future lies in front of us. if i had a magical bag…i would have a professional hair and makeup artist to give me touch ups throughout the day :)

  70. the reality contents would be mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, my digitial camera, gum, lotion, and a perfume stick. my mary poppins bag would hold an unlimited supply of fountain vanilla diet coke and one of my best friends who won’t be able to be there because an international plane ticket costs a little too much:)

  71. Lipstick, mascara and lots, lots of tissues! I’m such a crybaby!

  72. This is a beautiful purse. What lady wouldn’t want to own it?

    I would put in this purse spot remover, lipgloss, floss, face powder, kleenex tissues, tylenol, a sanitary pantiliner, breath mints, and a small emergency sewing kit. I would hope all that would fit in the purse.

    And since Mary Poppins can hold anything (because this is imaginary), I would first have Heaven so I could have my dad walk me down the aisle, and so my fiance’ could have his grandfather with him on our wedding day. I would then have Hawaii so I didn’t have to worry about flying and paying dumb fees,  an extra pair of shoes for dancing,  a magic wand to whisk away any potential bad weather, insects and on lookers from the beach. Brian McKnight so he could sing at the wedding, a vintage rolls royce for my arrival car,  and a new chromed out black and silver freightliner for the getaway vehicle as a gift to my fiance’ since my fiance’ truely loves his job, and its something I admire him for -his hard work come rain or shine. I would also have Preston Bailey and  his staff to make sure the wedding is beautiful and amazing, and yes, a team of professional celebrity stylists to make sure I look  phenomenal.  

  73. CLUB SODA…because I am a spiller. I will be drinking some red wine and I am know for not walking away without a splash on me!! I’d also throw in my new big camera so that I could snap pictures of the wedding from my point of view…..

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