Engagement Photoshoot and Stop Motion Movie from Sarah Yates Photography

April 13, 2010 | editorial team

The brilliant Sarah Yates, our darling friend and Southern California Junebug Member Photographer, recently shot this adorable engagement photo shoot, but instead of stopping there, she created a stop motion video with the images! Love this! Sarah, how in the world did you get so smart?

creative engagement photo shoot from Sarah Yates Photography

Check out Sarah’s blog for more images, and even more of this couple’s sweet story!

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  1. i love a good balloon incorporation! she is super talented :) love these thanks for sharing!

  2. um, the cure + balloons + stop motion. love love love!

  3. sarah yates IS super talented. had this on my blog too! but love seeing it everywhere! can’t wait to see the wedding pics.

  4. Aw, this is so cute, and I love her dress! I just posted a different engagement session with a stop-motion video yesterday on my blog! I love this new trend!!!

  5. Sarah is awesome…we couldn’t have been more happy with our engagement shoot and the stop motion video!

  6. I am the biggest Sarah Yates fan! She is the best! And so are her photos.

  7. I have seen many engagement shoots that use balloons as props, but I have never seen one as beautiful as this! The bride’s gorgeous dress perfectly complements the metallic balloons, without looking too cheesy or matching. The simplicity of a beautiful couple, a field, and a bevy of balloons is so refreshing!

  8. these pictures hit me with such beauty that I had to add them to the pretty things list on my blog. um and any chance you know who makes this I-must-have-it dress?!??!

  9. i love her dress! who made it, where can I get one?

  10. I’m checking on the dress ladies! Isn’t it adorable?! xoxo, Christy

  11. Ok, I’ve got the scoop! This darling dress is Phoebe Couture and she bought it at Neiman Marcus. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/search.jhtml?No=0&Ntt=Phoebe+Couture&_requestid=39220&N=0

  12. Really cute!

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