Dior Inspired Save The Date Video

November 29, 2014 | nicole

We are so excited to share this truly unique Save the Date video sent to us by brilliant cinematographer Lucille Caballero. Cécile and Luigi, the couple in the video, reached out to Lucille with an idea to recreate Sofia Coppola’s Miss Dior perfume commercial for their Save the Date. Cecile was born and raised in Paris, which set the stage for their remarkably fun video shoot. Here’s what Cécile had to say about the inspiration behind the video:

I was looking for a theme for our wedding, and every blog was talking about “retro” or “rustic and chic” weddings, but they weren’t really representing us. After reading tons and tons of articles on wedding blogs, I saw that some couples did a Save The Date video instead of postcards. I found it so original. So the idea stayed in my mine for a while. One day I saw the commercial for “Miss Dior” perfume by Sofia Coppola. And that was it. I felt in love with the atmosphere: so romantic but not cheesy, and very elegant but not “bling bling.” That’s how “Miss Dior” became our wedding theme and our video inspiration. So I ask my talented friend Lucille Caballero if she could do it for us, and she accepted!

I dare you to watch this video and not crack a smile.

Thank you so much to Lucille Cabarello for capturing such a fun and beautiful video, and to Cécile and Luigi for sharing a glimpse into their special day with Junebug. For more sweet Save the Date inspiration, check out Nicole and Fernando’s surprise Save the Date proposal.


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