Custom Paper Wedding Cake Toppers from Concarta

March 31, 2010 | editorial team

creative paper wedding cake toppers from concarta on etsy.com

Well hello adorable! Have you ever seen anything as charming as these creative wedding cake toppers from Concarta made entirely of paper? There’s just so much personality in the details of their hairdos, flowers and fashion choices that I half expect each little couple to start walking and talking. What fun for a custom wedding keepsake! Check out Concarta’s Etsy shop for more information, and please excuse me while I go daydream about what my own mini paper doppelganger would look like.

creative paper wedding cake toppers from concarta on etsy.com

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  1. Oh wow, these are the cutest! Haven’t seen these before :)

  2. These are simply amazing! What a fantastic idea and really superbly made. And they should last a lifetime after the big day!

  3. wow! i love these! i want one of me!

  4. Those are very clever. How does she DO that?

  5. these are the greatest! id love to have these as a cake topper..and they’d be a great keepsake!

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