Creative Wedding Decor- A Real Family Tree

August 25, 2009 | editorial team

Having an outdoor wedding? Take advantage of the natural surroundings at your ceremony or reception location and use them to inspire creative decor ideas like this lovely family tree photo gallery!

alternative wedding family tree decor idea for an outdoor wedding from Joy Thigpen, image by Tec Petaja

The oh-so-talented wedding stylist Joy Thigpen loved the beautiful trees that were growing at the site of the Nashville Lifestyle Magazine photo shoot she worked on with photographer Tec Petaja, so she turned them into a “family tree” photo gallery to bring an ultra personal touch to the day. “We set up pictures of grandparents and parents on their wedding day and left an empty frame in the middle that we then filled with a Polaroid of our couple from their wedding day… it was such a fun detail.” Brilliant! To see loads more eye candy from this fabulous photo shoot (and amazing images in general) be sure to visit Joy’s design site and Tec’s blog

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  1. This is absolutely charming! I love the concept of using nature as part of the backdrop and the horses in the background make the wedding look so sweet and homey! Also love the haystacks and beautiful fabrics that the guests are sitting on. Love it!

  2. So sweet! I absolutley love horses, so having them as a natural backdrop to the ceremony warms my heart.

  3. I’ve loved this idea and thought of doing it at my wedding, but when it came down to nailing into a tree, I just couldn’t stomach it. Any ideas on how to accomplish this without hurting the tree?

  4. Gigi- Depending on the tree shape, you may be able to use pretty ribbons to hang the frames from higher up branches, or you could experiment with some of the sticky wall hanging tabs found at most home decor and home improvement stores these days. Or perhaps try attaching multiple frames to a long runner of fabric or ribbon and hanging that to the tree from one point. That way you’ll use nails just once instead of multiple times. Good luck!

  5. I am from Nashville. I loved this month’s issue of the Nashville Lifestyle Magazine. This photo shoot was phenomenal.

  6. loved these ideas when I first saw them hit the wedding blogosphere! Such fun & unique ideas! Charming.

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