Creative Alternative Wedding Rings

January 25, 2008 | editorial team

Maybe it’s because I’m a big ring wearer myself, but I absolutely love how many creative options there are for alternative wedding rings these days. I’m so intrigued by the amazingly talented designers who carefully craft each piece, and by the fabulous style of the women who will fall in love with them.

Here are a few faves I found just peeking around online today. So cool, and so pretty!

Delicate gold bands with wonderfully shaped stones…

Top row left to right:
Annette Ferdinandsen Blue Chalcedony Egg Ring from Persimmon.com
L. Frank Stacked Cognac Diamond Ring from Twistonline.com
Brooke Gregson Circle Pave White Gold Ring from Persimmon.com

Bottom row left to right:
Jamie Joseph 14k Yellow Gold Small Wisteria Circle Ring with Diamonds from ElizaPage.com
Melissa Joy Manning White Diamond Oval Ring from MelissaJoyManning.com
Me & Ro Triple Diamond Ring from Twistonline.com


Playful, fun and funky rings from Junebug local favorite Fancy Jewels…

Super Swiss Wedding Rings from FancyJewels.com
Robot Band Wedding Rings from FancyJewels.com


Gorgeous rough cut diamonds in larger than life sizes and settings…

Melissa Joy Manning Natural Grey Pear Shaped Diamond and 18k Gold Ring from MelissaJoyManning.com
Pippa Small Herkimer Diamond and 18k Gold Tibetan Ring from Twistonline.com
Melissa Joy Manning 18k Gold Diamond Slice Ring from MelissaJoyManning.com




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  1. I love these! I think of myself as having pretty classic style, but I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these as a unique engagement ring!

  2. May I have another ring please?!?! Some of these or so organic and beautiful! Very nice selection of treasures! I think at least a new ring for every five years is fair? Love em.

  3. These rings are definitely sweet!  Although, i’d love to recommend mention of rose gold rings.  While I’m classic to an extent, I always add a bit of “me” factor to my personal effects…when it came to my engagement, my fiancee and I took inspiration from my favorite piece of jewelry, a rose gold and micropave white diamond ring my dad gave me for graduation.  What I ended up with is a lovely white diamond (traditional stone) lofted high atop an intricate rose gold ring with micropave pink diamonds all around.  I just love the antique look and brilliance that comes from the micropave setting and rose gold/pink stone color combination.  So my two cents: rose gold and pink diamonds (or pink sapphires for a more cost effective alternative) rocks!

  4. these are absolutely gorgeous rings!  but for wedding rings, i still prefer the traditional wedding bands.  those with diamond stones (or any other kind of stone, for that matter) perched on the ring may be used as engagement rings.  what you have here is a great selection though and the rings are truly fabulous!  :)

  5. thank you, thank you, thank you. i have been looking for creative alternative engagement ring sources and you’ve just saved the day!

  6. Man, I wish I had seen these rings 2 years ago.. gorgeous ring! it was definitely be a perfect wedding band. Keep posting.

  7. Nice collection of rings. I personally like the first set of rings the most.

  8. These are beautiful choices. I love them all. And actually one of the rings made me think of another that might be perfect addition to this roundup: http://papernstitch.com/product/champagne-and-roses It’s a rose cut diamond with a gold twig band. Really beautiful and very nature inspired as well.

  9. I absolutely love the big chunky pear shaped diamond and gold ring! Organic looking gemstones are really popular right now, and I love that the bezel features the stone so simply.

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