Bridal Shoe Cushions from Dainty Footings

December 10, 2007 | editorial team

I’m a high heel kind of girl. No matter how many times I try on adorable little flats, I always walk out of the store with at least 2 new inches under my feet. I just love that little boost it gives me! The problem with this is that I’m also a comfortable kind of girl. I like things soft and cozy and easy to wear. After years of trying to combine my love of high heels with my love of comfort by stuffing my shoes with every imaginable insert and cushion to hit the market, I am thrilled to say I’ve found a new favorite! Dainty Footings makes fantastic Poron foot cushions in four different shapes that truly do the trick! The ball-of-foot and heel cushions are thin and invisible in all of my shoes but really give a great bouncy feel, and the heel liners have been my saviors this holiday season by keeping my shoes from slipping right off my stockinged feet. The smart people at Dainty Footings (who were kind enough to send me samples, thanks!) know that as a bride, these little details are more important than ever on your wedding day, so they have put together a Beautiful Bride gift set to keep you comfortable and supported all day long. Pick up a pack for yourself and one for each of your bridesmaids, and you’ll all be dancing and celebrating late into the night without kicking off your shoes at the edge of the dance floor!

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  1. My sister was married in September and all of the bridesmaids and bride wore the Dainty Footings cushions.  They were wonderful and we all danced in heels the whole night long.  In fact I have started wearing them everytime I have heels on.  They are great and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wears heels.  Thank you Dainty Footings.

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