Birthday Giveaway! Aveda Hair and Beauty Products from Caruh Salon!

July 27, 2011 | editorial team

Caruh Aveda Salon Seattle bridal hair and makeup

Calling all hair, makeup and beauty product lovers, today is your lucky day! As a perfect close-out to our month of 5th birthday celebrations, the wonderful Seattle salon and spa, Caruh, is giving away a HUGE basket full of Aveda products to one special Junebug reader! Now I’m not kidding when I say this basket is huge – it is packed full of incredible (and incredible smelling!) Aveda products, like Shampure shampoo and conditioner, Damage Remedy daily hair repair, Phomollient styling foam, a rosemary mint bath bar, soothing aqua therapy bath salts, tinted moisturizer, lip shine and much, much more! Such an amazing treat!

To enter to win all of these products seen below, leave us a comment here letting us know about your regular hair and beauty regime and what special extras you’re doing to get ready for your wedding day. We’ll accept entries for the next week, and randomly choose our big winner next Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011.

And if you’re a Seattleite looking for a truly great salon experience, be sure to check out Caruh. Caruh Salon and Spa works exclusively with the all-natural Aveda products, and they’re beloved by locals all over the city. From cuts and colors, to facials and waxing, to fantastic packages for brides and bridesmaids getting wedding-ready, Caruh and their Aveda specialists can do it all! We’re big fans, and we know you will be too!

Aveda hair and beauty product giveaway from Caruh Aveda Salon Seattle, bridal hair and makeup products

Thanks so much Caruh Salon and Spa! And good luck everyone!

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  1. I used Aveda’s Be curly every morning, and have for years. I am growing my hair out for my Ocotber wedding, as requested by my fiance. He is growing out his beard as requested by me!

  2. I love the Aveda line! I love a wash-and-go look, and so many Aveda products are perfect for this! :)

  3. I love Aveda products!! I typically condition my hair everyday in the shower (wash my hair twice a week), daily apply Aveda’s damage remedy daily hair repair and curl enhancer (air dry), wash my face, apply some sunscreen, bush my teeth and go. However, I’ve added a daily body exfoliating, biweekly face exfoliating, a night face cream, and eye cream, a “firming” body lotion to my lower half, another moisturizer to my arms, cuticle cream every night, teeth whitening strips, and a gradual tanning lotion… I feel like it takes me hours to get ready these days! Hopefully it’s all worth it.

  4. My hair is annoying, it grows very slowly and gets oily very quickly but at the same time, never gets shiny and sleek… I always have those tiny hair frizzing… Anyway, I hope the Aveda Hair Produtcs will help me!!!

  5. I try to wash my hair at least once a week with a clarifying shampoo that gently strips buildup from my roots. I feel like this keeps my hair healthy-looking and light-weight. In addition, I am getting ready for my wedding day by giving myself weekly home facials, teeth whitening, and drinking lots of water to make my skin look beautiful!

  6. I keep my routine very simple, but I wouldn’t if i had this basket full of wonderful smelling aveda products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am keeping up with my normal routine but adding some facials and some extra upkeep so there are no surprises a month before the wedding. I was also thinking of investing in some new bath salts and things to help with the (little) bit of stress that seems to be creeping up. This would be perfect!

  8. First, I love Aveda products! The smoothing fluid makes my hair so much easier to deal with – especially since I’m growing it out for my wedding. This is such a great giveaway!!

  9. My fiance just got back from traveling for 9 months, so needless to say my beauty regimen is in need of a reboot! I bought coconut oil in Thailand that I use as a leave-in conditioner once a week. For my face, I try not to wear too much makeup, wear sunscreen and properly wash and tone my face before bed every night. As a special treat, I’m getting a vitamin-c infused facial before the wedding. Those Aveda products would help me glow all the more!

  10. I’m trying not to do too much to my hair so it’s at it’s healthiest, and natural looking. I’m adding in facials, and hoping to whiten my teeth. I hear wonderful things about Aveda products but my budget just can’t handle it right now with all the wedding costs, so would love to win this!

  11. I usually keep it simple – shampoo & conditioner -and wear my long hair down. For my wedding day, I would love to do something dramatic – a curly updo that will hold for the day – I have ALOT of hair, so the stronger the product, the better. :) Also, I think it would be a lot of fun, trying out all the goodies & getting more educated on the potential my hair has! To do all sorts of styles & looks! :) Thanks!!

  12. my daily routine isn’t so bad (wash, lotion, sunscreen), but my nightly routine is ridiculous! i have really long hair, so just the shampoo and conditioning is an event in itself – 4 pumps from my 1 liter bottles of Chihtsai shampoo and conditioner! then there is the salicylic facial wash (image skin care) to keep my skin fresh. and some buffing and moisturizing afterwards. floss, 2 minutes w/my sonicare toothbrush and ACT (yes – the kind that kids use- iberry blast flavor – seriously!) mouthwash, and then i’m halfway there – time to protect and dry that mop! as for something special – spray tan…all that sunscreen doesn’t provide much of a natural glow!

  13. I am a huge lover of Aveda products. They work well and smell amazing! In preperation for my big day, I am growing out my fine, curly hair. I often use curl cream to help keep my curls lush and not become to frizzy with all of this humidity that we have been having. I am trying to keep a natural, healthy look and I believe Aveda embodies both of those traits.

  14. I usually am pretty no-fuss with my hair, but with my wedding in 10 months, I’ve been very dedicated in using leave in conditioners and getting regular hair cuts! I want to wear my hair down for the wedding so I want it to look as healthy as possible!

  15. I love aveda but its not totally in my budget right now. I was my hair every other day followed up by styling with mousse and hair spray and every once in a while using an extra deep conitioner1

  16. My usual hair and body routine is very natural. For shampoo I use a locally made ostrich oil shampoo that has no sulfates. Once a week I deep-clean my hair with baking soda and water paste. It works! My hair will stretch a full 2″ before breaking now. For body care I use only dye and scent free soaps made with glycerin or milled with oats. I would love some Aveda product!!!

  17. Wow! What an incredible amount of goodies! I have super long hair and the ends are almost dry, so I try to deep condition once each week and limit washing the ends as much as possible (it’s an odd practice, but I only wash my head most mornings, not the ends of my hair, if that makes sense). Like many, I’m addicted to my heat tools, so I try to find leave in conditioners to help combat the drying affects of those, but there don’t seem to be too many out there. Leading up to the wedding, I’ll be getting more frequent haircuts to fend off split ends and experiment a little bit with some products that are geared towards increasing volume. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I’m a curly girl, so if I don’t take excellent care of my hair it really shows. I only use sulfate-free shampoos, and sometimes go a few days without a shampoo to preserve my hair’s natural oils. I love Aveda’s whole line and their philosophy. For my wedding day I’m working on keeping my locks full and long, although I can’t wait until after the wedding to chop them off again! I love switching things up.

  19. I use Aveda’s Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner to make my hair color last longer, and their bath salts are the key to having silky smooth skin!

  20. I am a die-hard Aveda fan. I use Shampure conditioner, the curling cream, and phomiliant along with either gel or hair spray daily. I’m doing my own hair for the wedding so it will be all Aveda products. I’m not sure about make-up yet, but I’m planning to go to my local Aveda salon to talk to someone about what would be good.

  21. Great prize! Love Aveda products, they smell great and are so much better for you then other products. I used to wash my hair every other day but now i am going 2 of 3 days before washing and just use dry shampoo in between when needed. My hair has become healthier with more volume since following this routine. I condition only the ends of my hair in the shower and then use a little morrocan oil before i blow dry. Before getting married I plan to take extra measures to exfoliate for that “glow” and keep my hair healthy so it movie star flowing on the big day.

  22. This is amazing! I love Aveda’s natural products. My daily routine is a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF. Makeup and a spritz of sealing spray so it stays! I will be keeping it natural too for our wedding day on 11.12.11. I want to look natural- like myself- but also flawless. I’ll be using airbrush makeup to even my skintone, as well as natural powders and eye shadows! Amy Lustig amyjlustig at gmail dot com

  23. I’ve been a big fan of Aveda since it came out on the market; no brand can compare their products to the gorgeous fragrances and natural products Aveda has created!I love Aveda’s Shampure and Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner. I alternate between them every day. I also use the Beautifying Oil on the ends of my hair-the fragrance is lovely and it really helps to soften any frizzy ends. Volumizing Tonic is great for my fine hair and I tend to use it as part of my daily routine. I’m currently trying to gradually go from blonde back to brunette for my wedding day and will probably go back to blonde shortly after.

  24. My beauty schedule has been severely condensed as my commute to work resulted in early mornings. I now wash and dry my hair in the evening saving precious moments in the morning. Blush, mascara, and eyeliner are essentials in my makeup routine, although I have long wanted to try tinted moisturizer. I am certain these Aveda products would help me to feel pampered and beautiful for my big day and our honeymoon! Oh to have time to primp and curl… can’t wait!

  25. I typically do very little with my hair – a little surf spray in the summer or a little cream & blow dry when its cool — and I almost never wear makeup. But I’m trying to work a few more options and have recently begun using some aveda products – currently loving the smooth infusion. I’m actually getting my hair & makeup done for the wedding at an aveda salon in MA and I’m super excited about it. Would love love this basket of goodies.

  26. For hair: bumble and bumble shampoo, conditioner (deep conditioner once a week), airdry, with occasional flatiron and curling! For beauty: I keep it simple and natural with eyeliner, shading in the brows, and some eyeshadow. I want to keep true to myself for the wedding, going for an enhanced timeless look for my hair and makeup. I would love to use these Aveda products as part of my wedding countdown prep!

  27. I typically wash my hair every day and condition every day in the shower. I’ve been using hair oil more now before the wedding, as I’m growing my hair out and I like it to be super shiny!

  28. I fell in love with Aveda when my local salon, the black cat hair studio, started carrying their products. I use their smooth infusion shampoo and conditioner every day, and follow up with the style prep smoother, and usually let it all air dry (: Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  29. After shampooing and conditioning, I use a DEEP conditioning treatment on my ends and leave it on for a while. MOROCCAN OIL is my fave once I’m out of the shower, as my hair is very long and running a small amount of the oil through it keeps it shiny and healthy-looking! For my wedding day, I will use DRY SHAMPOO on my roots to give a bit of volume (still have to buy some!) and use a heat resistant spray before creating waves all over with a cone-shaped curling iron. I still need spray, gel, and everything else to keep it in place! Help!

  30. OOOH LA LA! Aveda goodness! My hair regime is embarrassingly simple–shampoo, condition, towel dry. I never use a blow dryer or any other heating iron, curling iron etc. I’m kind of a bum. BUT luckily, and I wish this was an exaggeration, my hair is my best feature. It’s straight and espresso brown. Always healthy and hair dressers always get excited to play with it. What gives? Beats me. As for my wedding prep–I’m so thrown. I wasn’t lying above about the ease of dealing with my hair. The downside? I have NO idea what to do! I’d love the basket, it would rock my world to be able to pamper myself and my hair with Aveda goodness. If you could, would you slip some wedding hair tips in as well?

  31. I wish I could say that I had one! If my hair gets combed before going into a ponytail, its a good day for me.

  32. i love aveda hair products! currently i dont do much to my hair, however my hair dresser introduced me to Moroccan oil a little while ago and i LOVE it.. it does wonders on my hair!

  33. I’m getting extra maintenance trims, and I use Bumble & Bumble conditioner for bouncy/fluffy hair!

  34. I wash and condition my hair every other day, and use an intensive deep conditioning treatment once a week. As my wedding approaches I have been getting trims often, and plan on getting a glaze for my hair the month before the wedding for extra shine!

  35. My hair is fine , lays flat on my head, and is prone to breakage. My head needs this basket!

  36. I love Aveda products! I am trying not to do too much to my hair to have it at it’s healthiest for my wedding. I hope to grow it out in the months to come and would love to be able to win this amazing prize to help my hair become a little healthier.

  37. I shampoo and condition my hair everyother day. To get my hair ready for the wedding I am using an extra mask to make it extra soft!

  38. i’m a big fan of the aveda line. i typically just wash and condition my hair and add a bit of aveda light elements to keep away the flyaways. Oh, caruh salon!!!!!!!!! I was actually introduced to aveda products when I first went there! I used to go there for my bi-monthly haircuts when I lived in Seattle. When I moved to DC, it definitely took me a while to find a place as great as Caruh was.

  39. Would love to win some products I have never used Aveda Hair Products as I’ve heard good things though. I have tried to save my hair from the chorine from water aquasize classes but no such luck. Dry Dry ends. Could use some good products.

  40. My regular hair and beauty routines are pretty straight-forward. I love Aveda products and this basket would give me the ability to do some extra special hair and skin care in preparation for my big day!

  41. I am a huge fan of Aveda. I am having trouble with thin and dry hair these days… and I’ve seen so many wrikles on my face these days. very depressed :( Hope to use these awesome products to restore my hair and skin!

  42. I try to wash my hair every week. I have locs and I am adding a special shine to it on my wedding day! I am very excited and would love to Aveda Hair Products! Crossing my fingers! Great giveaway!

  43. This looks awesome! I havebeen using Listerine pre-brush mouthwash in hopes of getting rid of some of the coffee stains on my teeth for the big day!

  44. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! I’m trying to get my strands smooth and silky for the big day – so I’ve been using daily conditioners and weekly leave in repair conditioners. In addition, I’ve been using Aveda’s heat protectant spray before I style! Would love to win this awesome kit!

  45. I love Aveda products! Currently using the Deva line for curly hair…I use Eminence as a first layer moisturizer, then an SPF product by Skin Ceuticals. Finally, in terms of the wedding which isn’t until next summer, I am just being really sure to use sunscreen all over my body everyday. Pick me I need some help with my beauty regimen!!! :) Thanks for having this giveaway!

  46. I love to pamper myself with Aveda…I love their hair-care products. I would love to try the make up and other beauty products offered in this giveaway, I’m sure I’ll get hooked on them too!!! My hair-dresser is having a baby in August, I am also in search of a new salon – Thanks for the tip about Caruh…

  47. I recently just moved to New Mexico from Seattle to be with my Fiance and the climate’s couldn’t be more different!! I never had a problem with my hair in Seattle, but since moving here I have had to change my hair care products up to moisturize my dry, frizzy hair. I recently added Aussie’s deep moisturizing repair conditioner to my routine and use after every swim. I have found that is has really helped keep my hair from getting split ends. I could really use the Aveda hair care on my hair!! Luckily there is an Aveda salon in this small town, so at least I can get my hair done there!! Please help me Aveda!! :)

  48. I am keeping up with my normal routine but I started special hair treatments at the saloon. I would like to receive these products…Aveda is one of my favorite brands for hair care!

  49. I wash my hair every other day and use a hair mask on it about three times a week. I love Aveda products!

  50. My everyday hair regime is just to use a dime sized amount of argan oil on my damp hair for whenever I plan on blowdrying or straightening it, followed by either using my CHI to straighten it or using Aveda Be Curly to amplify my waves. My everyday beauty routine is just putting on some eyeliner, filling in my brows, and adding a little bit of blush! I’m not entirely sure what extra I’ll be doing for the wedding except getting more frequent trims and trying not to dry out my ends! Would love to win this!!

  51. Can a boy win? I use Aveda’s PurePerformance Men’s Grooming cream every day.Great malleable hold and the texture. I only shampoo 2 or 3 times a week, currently trying Fekkai, but usually use Pantene. I’m already married, but if I were preparing for my wedding day, I would use old spice body wash to look and smell like Isaiah Mustafah, Then use Aveda grooming cream for the sophistication…

  52. I use a deep conditioning treatment every 4-5 days and that really keeps my hair looking in shape. Time for new highlights though!

  53. Wow what a great giveaway! We don’t have Aveda here in Finland but I stock up when I’m visiting relatives in London. My basic routine is Redken Real Control shampoo+conditioner and and toni&guy heat protection when blowdrying. For my wedding (sometime in the future..guy found but date not set :) ) I’ll hope to have long, glossy hair and a slightly more even skintone!

  54. My hair is pretty easy-going, and has never had a good pampering. I think it’s missing out as I have done numerous spa facials. Hoping the Aveda products are as great as they sound.

  55. As far as my hair I get it done in the shop.As far as my face I prefer water or Oil of Olay,witch hazel.Aveda sounds good but I have never tried it.Thanks for the chance!

  56. My daily routine is different everyday because i have a 3 month old son, so i do what i can. I wash my face with a cleanser for sensitive skin put lotion on, i also wash and condition my hair which is long and curly and frizzy if i dont take care of it! lol i also use a serum before i blow dry and a spray before i straighten! All together it takes me about 2 hours to do my hair i could not live without my hair products! i love Aveda products!

  57. I’m pretty easygoing and have been lucky to not have problem skin. But I’m going to visit the dermatologist and grow my hair out so that I can have more options and more ways to glow.

  58. Aveda is my absolute favorite hair product brand!!! I am naturally a brunette, but I really love my hair blonde. In preparation for my wedding I have dyed my hair back brown to replenish my (I hate to admit this!) over-processed hair. Ive been a brunette for about a month and a half so far and it is already so much healthier! Closer to the wedding I will go back blonde (my fiancé prefers me a blonde as well!), but hopefully with much healthier hair!! I have also stopped tanning to give my skin a break and have switched to spray tans. I got a new prescription cream to ensure my face remains acne-free!

  59. I love moisturizer, clarifying shampoo, and detangling conditioners. for my wedding day, I will probably be keeping my look natural but making it more vibrant and most likely having a make up/hair stylist!

  60. This is a GREAT giveaway!!! I use Biosilk every day to keep my hair from looking frizzy and I use Aveda Conditioning Mask once a week for about 30 minutes. Before my wedding I am going to make sure I deep condition my hair to keep it shiny!

  61. Amazing giveaway from an amazing company!! I wash my hair every other day and use a variety of products and methods to try and get my curls and frizz to behave in the terrible humidity :) I wash my face first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I am obsessed with lip balm…I think I might be addicted, I apply it at least 10 times a day!

  62. OMG!!! i need though products and my birthday is in a few days :( o well

  63. I try to keep my hair routine as simple as possible…but finding the best hair products to keep my hair healthy is important to me. I love Aveda!

  64. I’d love to try your Aveda line. My shampoo I use now dulls my hair. From all the wonderful reviews I believe Aveda will make my hair lively and full.

  65. I wash my hair every day with head and shoulder. I finish off with Dove conditioner, from the blue bottle. It helps my hair stay silky. For my face, i wash it morning, evening, and night. with aveeno soap.

  66. I have naturally curly hair so I am very particular about what I put in it. I don’t use products with silicones or sulfates and I never use a towel to dry my hair. Instead, I use all natural products and dry my hair with t-shirts. I find that towels create frizz.

  67. I shampoo and condition daily. I also use moroccan oil. For my wedding, I plan on wearing my hair curly.

  68. I love Aveda products! I use their facial moisturizers/makeup. I would love to add them to my hair-care as well! Currently i do some natural treatments with olive oil, egg whites, etc. It usually takes a bit of time, so i’d love to have some Aveda products! I’ve been growing my hair for 3 years and those tips need treatment! I’ll be doing my hair up and full of volume for the wedding

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