A Luxury Shoe Giveaway from Omelle!

May 24, 2010 | editorial team

high-fashion Omelle luxury shoes, bridal shoe giveaway

Happy Monday Junebug readers! Just as we promised you last week, today is a special giveaway day! In Thursday and Friday’s Real Wedding blog posts, we introduced you to the amazingly stylish and beautiful bride Cherise, who also happens to be one of the designers behind Omelle shoes. Cherise and her design partner Nicole were two young, shoe-obsessed women who met at L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and came together to create a luxury footwear company called Omelle. Mixing Cherise’s sophisticated high-end tastes with Nicole’s artistic roots, the duo have created a line of shoes with a distinctive and imaginative look that we are head-over-heels for (no pun intended). We love the combination of wood and leather, the unique sculptural heel shapes, and the flat-out sexiness of every pair! They are the perfect statement-making pieces for any outfit or event.

To enter to win a pair of Omelle shoes, take a look at www.Omelle.com and then leave a comment here letting us know which designs are your dream shoes, and just how you would wear them. We’ll take entries all week long and choose a winner at random on Monday, May 31. That’s not all though, thanks to Cherise’s fabulous generosity, all Junebug readers also get to take 10% off any online purchases through June 24th. Just enter the code “JUNEBUGLOVE” at checkout.

Good luck everyone, and have fun! We can’t wait to see which pairs you pick!

high-fashion Omelle luxury shoes, bridal shoe giveaway


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  1. Fionna and fancy or both adorable! I’d where them out everywhere all winter long!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Way too hard to choose a fave – the Illy and Inez are perfect summer shoes that would spice up any outfit. The Brianna I could easily wear every day – to work and then to after work happy hours! Perfection.

  3. The white Illy and yellowish Kendalls are both super hot and super fun. I would love to rock either as my wedding shoes. It would add a fun touch to my dress!

  4. Such cute shoes! Hard to choose from….but I did fall in LOVE with the ILLY!! So cute I could wear these with just about everything! Thanks for the chance!

  5. I have been a huge fan of Omelle!!! for a long time :) I am deeply in love with two pairs..the Emory boot, for it’s gorgeous yet simple elegance…and the Elaine pump (i’m in love with the contrasts…brown and grey…leather and knit!). It would be such a dream to own a pair!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE to come across new shoe designers! I am obsessed with Inez, would wear them all over on my honeymoon!!! Illy is a perfect everyday shoe; work, shopping, happy hour! These shoes are AMAZING!

  7. i’d love to wear the Fancy as I’m Christmas Shopping on 5th Avenue. :)

  8. I love Fancy! I’d wear these during my rehearsal dinner! 13cls13@gmail.com

  9. I love the Jaewon heals and the Jenny flats. So incredibly adorable!

  10. I don’t think I could manage on those heels, so I’d go for the Isabelle. It’d be perfect to wear while strolling on my honemoon. :)

  11. I love the simple, yet edgy and contemporary design of Cappy. It’s such a versatile pump, yet the wooden and metallic heel bring it to a place that reflects contemporary architectural design. I would wear them in black with both my skinny, slouchy jeans, and dress them up with a sleek pencil skirt and grommeted jacket. Love them!

  12. I love the Fancy boots. I’d wear them with skinny jeans and an oversized, earth-colored top.

  13. I’d wear the Harlow boot on the streets of NY during bridal market week!

  14. I want the Illy in light brown leather! Beautiful shoe! I need a light brown shoe and those would go perfectly with my white linen pants! Please pick me!!

  15. The GENA boots are beyond fantastic! Those are the most beautiful boots i have ever seen. I love the metalic shine and the rustic look…wonderful! I would wear it this fall while shopping in europe! They would be perfect with a pair of ultra skinny jeans, a large cream chunky knit sweater and a fabulous brown leather bag!

  16. i adore the illy shoes.

  17. Wow, those are some incredible shoes. I really like the fynn boots. I think I would just wear them all the time.

  18. I love the Inez shoes. They would be perfect for my late summer rehearsal dinner!

  19. love the fancy and fynn

  20. I LOVE the Betty sandal. They would look fab with my bridal shower dress. SWOON.

  21. I LOVE the Fancy pair. They are the perfect ankle boot. so. lovely!

  22. I love the Isabelle, Icon, and Inez – any or all of them! They are perfect for my summer vacation to Paris and Turkey :)

  23. The Illy sandals are TO DIE FOR. High heels rock! :)

  24. Wow! Thanks for finding such a great shoe designer! Their designs are amazing. The Fancy heels are fab (in both colors!). They would be perfect for fall or winter dresssed up with jeans or leggings. I also loooove the Inez heels. Totally would compliment the Tribal fashion trend right now. Great summer shoes.

  25. Dying for Inez!! I’d wear them with a pair of great khaki shorts and a tank with loads of safari inspired accessories for a fun summer get up. Love Jaewon with a fun red dress and canvas bag… accessorize with my ship wheel earring and rope chain. Perfect for a lobster fest!! xoxo

  26. I’m bonkers for INEZ!!! I would love to wear them EVERYWHERE, but would likely save them for special occasions, like walking ;)

  27. The Fancy is the prefect hip work shoe. I’d rock it during work and then have a fashionable excuse to hit up a happy hour afterward :-)

  28. These shoes are HOT!!

  29. The Cappy heel in the Blue Elephant is to die for. I love them so much, I’m planning to blog about them now. I’d wear them for weddings and wedding showers this summer! http://www.justafewofemilysfavoritethings.blogspot.com

  30. The Illy! I’m going on my honeymoon this summer, and I feel as if these would be the perfect European shoe. I have so many cute sundresses to wear with them. Or a pair of skinny jeans with a cute fedora. The possibilities are endless!

  31. The Inez platform in nude is perfect with a dress I am planning to wear to a friend’s wedding this summer! I’d also re-use them at my own rehearsal dinner, and perhaps even shower! I hadn’t seen this collection before, but I love their designs!

  32. For a more Spring/Summer look, I really love your Inez sandal. I like the use of the snakeskin because it adds great texture to the sandal along w/ the wooden heel. Id definitely wear these w/ almost any outfit from boho inspired sundresses, to minis & short shortsskies the limit w/ these sandals for summer! For a more fall/trans lookI really love your Fiori & Fiona styles. Its a universal bootie that can be worn w/ a pair of skinnys or even a cute mini & I love the wooden heel detail w/ the metal plate. Super hot shoes w/ great attention to detailI Love! ?

  33. This was a hard decision but a pleasant decision to make:) Love, love, love the “Ari” shoe! I would wear this with anything! Short denim mini paired with colorful satin top with some colorful jewels! Or with some skinny jeans, or colorful floral skirt, a summery dress… really anything!

  34. The entire spring 2010 collection is incredible! I can’t decide if I would choose the Illy heel, or its little sister, the isabelle flat. Beautiful designs all around though…

  35. I am LOVING Illy shoe! It reminds me of a mix between Cher from “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” and Annie Hall. The best part about these shoes are that I could wear them to work (at my Corporate Job) and with my normal clothes (more boho chic) so they work with both menswear, giving it a fem casual vibe but also cleaning up a boho chic look, making it less hobo chic. Haha! Cheers, Bailey out!

  36. Gawwwww. The Inez style totally gets me. I’m trying to find some killer summery heels to wear with some cute, JCrew 5″ chino shorts and a cute tee for an engagement pic outfit. They’d be pretty darn perfect.

  37. I adore the Fiona in the Iron Vein color. Stunning! I would pair them with skinny jeans and a cute cardigan for fall and winter. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Illy…which would be so wonderful for summer! Thanks for sharing Omelle with us, I had not heard of them until today!

  38. When I first heard of Omelle, I immediatley went to the web and browsed through every collection at least 3 times. The shoe that stuck out to me the most was the Fiona. A boot with a heel and I’m sold. My mom is getting married this fall and this boot would go perfect with the dress that I am wearing. Also during the winter I am going to Europe and I would definitley wear them out for a night out on the town! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this desinger.

  39. I love the Icon and I would so wear it with cure summer dresses! madamerkf at aol dot com

  40. Holy crap these are awesome shoes! Ines is so hot, I don’t know what to do with myself. I hope I win these.

  41. Love the emory boots! Definitely would only be able to afford them if I won them, but if I had a couple extra hundred lying around I would wear them everyday!

  42. The Inez is so fun – I’d wear them with everything from sundresses and skirts to shorts.

  43. I love these shoes. I’m in search for the perfect shoe for my rehearsal dress and I have found them in Omelle’s collection. I would love to have the Isabelle shoe to were though out the festivities the night before our wedding. They would also travel with me for wearing on our honeymoon!

  44. I love Fancy. I’d wear them with bright tights!

  45. This was a hard decision but Gena is my top pick. I would wear them proud!

  46. I love these shoes, they are amazing! And perfect for every situation. I am moving to Virgina after I get married and living in Alabama I have never really experienced a cold winter and this is why I love the “Fancy” shoe, in gray. I think it is a perfect shoe to ease into this weather with and still be really fashionable at the same time. This shoe will surely make me some new friends when I move to a new place and I can walk confidently into winter!

  47. Wow, those shoes are all amazing! I love Illy the best. They would work with a bunch of my outfits!

  48. I am getting married in a barn, like literally my parent’s friend’s barn in Vermont. The white Isabelle shoes would be perfect for navigating over the huge cracks in the barn floor and the grassy field where the ceremony will be held. I have a simple dress from JCrew and plan to liven it up with some funky accessories. Plus, Isabelle is my grandmother’s name and she bought my dress for me.

  49. I would BRIANNA. I would wear the Brianna with a sassy sun dress and wavy hair.

  50. Oh goodness… The Brianna in Naked. Classic pair of dark straight leg jeans and a pretty, floaty top with a bright colored clutch. How perfectly summer!

  51. the Fancy–aaaalll winter long! I can’t believe that these shoes are making me excited for cold weather when I’ve been waiting to see the sun for so long :)

  52. Oh, Omelle – where have you been all my life? (Or even the past few months…) I lam getting married in five weeks and am searching high and low for the perfect shoe. Who knew it would be such a tall bill to fill? Love them all (particularly the pairs worn at Cherise’s wedding), and adore the Cappy and the Brianna because I know I could wear the heck out of either one even after the day is over.

  53. Inez-I am dreaming of you! Where have you been all my life? You are pure art from every angle! How I dream of our summer nights together & lunches in cafes and bistros……sigh….

  54. I love the fancy shoe in grey fiber. As much as I’d love to wear it to work, it’s not the most practical shoe for a teacher, so I’d have a great excuse for a girls night out :)

  55. I love the Illy in tan – it would add style to my sundresses all summer, but then the Isabelle looks like the perfect shoe to take on a long weekend. And, I cannot get over the heel on the Actress! It would be the perfect BFF for my LBD. Gorgeous shoes!

  56. I love the Cappy shoes in every color they sell. They’d go great with my simple party dress for the wedding – and almost every occasion after that!

  57. i LOVE the kiran, in either yellow or white. i would wear them out to dinner and even to work.

  58. I love the “Actress” in black. I’d love to wear it to auditions with a black pencil skirt, white ruffled-front blouse and whichever of-the-moment jewelry tickles my fancy. I love how they are super-sexy but could pair with classic clothes.

  59. Illy in light brown leather or the Inez – so quaint and I would totally wear them with my new beige pants! :)

  60. It’s hard to choose one because many Omelle shoes are heavenly lovely to the max!!! Every girl would die for Omelle shoes! My favorite for this moment is Illy, I could wear that for my rehearsal dinner with my Hepburn style Tahari cream dress that I got from Lord & taylor. However, I also love identity fiori cuddle stone color to wear with mini skirts, leggings, pencil jeans and skirt! Ahhh love it!!

  61. So many of these shoes are so beautiful but I think that I like the Inez the best. You could wear them with so many different outfits!

  62. Tough choice, these are all so cute! I would have to say my favorite is the Inez.

  63. Illy in the luscious yummy brown…

  64. I adore the red patent GENEVIVE flats. I would wear them with my white linen shirt-dress, and a big tan floppy hat!

  65. So hard to choose. I love them all. I think the yellow Kiran would be a perfect splash of color with my wedding dress.

  66. Well I own a few pairs. But I am lusting after the Jaewon and Jenny to add to my collection. Jenny for walking around the city in the summer with anything from shorts to silk dresses and the Jaewon for casual evenings in a beachy town.

  67. These ladies are amazing! I would choose Kiran because they have so much personality. I would pair them with some long shorts and a fabulous top. BTW – Cherise’s wedding was GORGEOUS!!!

  68. I love Brianna and Cappy, but I love them all! I want a pair!!! :)

  69. Isabelle is amazing – I love finding stylish flats!!

  70. I don’t know what’s better – the sandals, the heels or the boots! I would choose the Cappy in Concrete to wear to my sister’s wedding – I’m maid of honour and my dress is petrol blue.

  71. The illy’s are haute! They would look fab with the rock and roll white zipper dress that I just got to wear to my rehearsal dinner!

  72. I HEART ILLY! This shoes are such a piece of art and I would love to strut around in this beautifully designed footwear! Awesome for mini skirts, high-waisted shorts and skinny, ankle denim leggings. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!

  73. I can’t decide between the Illy and the Isabelle! I would definitely wear the gorgeous Isabelles with some kind of killer dress, and I would be tempted to wear the Illy pair all the time – they would look good with everything :)

  74. I love adding color to my outfit through my shoes so the Jenny flat sandals in yellow would be awesome! I’d rock these everywhere.

  75. I love the Kiran in White, I have to wear close toed shoes to work and these are the cutest ever!! I would wear them all the time, they fit in with the dress code, but also would give me the individuality that I love.

  76. Cappy is my favorite! I would wear them as my “something blue” at my upcoming wedding!!

  77. Love Kelsey in blue! Would wear them with a beautiful summer dress to match, oversized hat and Jackie O sunglasses. To show off this look, I would go to the French Quarter walk up and down Bourbon St and dance away to some great JAZZ!

  78. Its impossible to pick just one!! The emory boots are perfect I would love them with my entire winter/fall wardrobe – and those Inez sandles in blue – amazing! They would be the perfect thing to make any summer dress standout!

  79. Love the jenny flats! They would go great with my dress!

  80. It’s 90 degrees at home and the “Elaine” style booties are making me crave autumn in New York. They are to die for! I would definitely rock those in the village with some skinny jeans and my favorite Kristin Morris earrings. Oh pretty please, I love them!! Seriously, LOVE them.

  81. what an amazing giveaway! I love so many of these highly creative shoes but my fave is the Inez. I’d love to be able to wear these on a fancy dinner during my honeymoon on the Cook Islands!

  82. I love Estella. I would rock these during a girl’s night out!These are hot and unique.

  83. Oh man. How to choose just one pair when they are all so amazing?! I love the fact that they are all so unique. I’m having an outdoor wedding this fall so I’ve been scouting booties to wear under my dress and I just love the Fiona (in frosty moss) and the Fiori (in cuddle stone)! (I really tried hard to choose just one pair, I swear!) My wedding colors are gray, peach/creams and cranberry so all of those shoes would go great- not to mention I could wear them a million times afterwards! The thing I love most about these is that they can be worn to the office or on a night out on the town depending on the clothes. Talk about versatile! Can I just say I would wear any of these with everything??? Because I totally would. :)

  84. Jager in white- great summer sandal! Could go with anything!!

  85. ILLY is the one. Love the style. High heels — higher the better.

  86. I love “Fancy” ! I’ve always wanted a pair of booties like that! I would wear them with skinny jeans and a long sweater/cardigan :) evil_eva12@hotmail.com

  87. Inez is just beautiful! :)

  88. I love the Illy! Love the height of the heel and the fact that heel is wood. Wood heels are probably my absolute favorite style on shoes. I would wear these with a summer dress, maybe to someone else’s wedding!

  89. Oh my goodness! I’ve been trying to find the perfect heels my whole life and must have ILLY!

  90. Jaewon- Love how the top looks like a conductor’s hat- too cute. You could wear these with jeans, or a great dress.

  91. Danika. The front guard and ribbon in tan!!!! I am in LOVE with these shoes. I want them for my bridal shoes for my wedding in September. And after the wedding I will wear them for everything!!!! I would just melt if I won these, they would be the perfect touch to my perfect day!

  92. Those shoes were all stunning!

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