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Weirdie Grizzly



Isle of Skye Elopement Intimate Wedding Photographer


A huge CONGRATS on your engagement, woo! I’m so excited for you!!

I am very happy and thankful for you to find me and you show interest in my work here.

Hiya, I am Laszlo aka Weirdie Grizzly a full time elopement intimate - micro wedding photographer and part time hiking guide in Scotland. I am based in a picturesque village of Scottish Highlands where I feel most at home surrounded with mountains.

What is like a Scottish Highlands Elopement?



The Scottish Elopement is about getting married in a small and authentic ceremony that suits you best wherever you want in Scotland




My two main directives are Leave No Trace and Less Stuff More Happiness this philosophy guides me in my life and every time when I’m working with my fantastic couples.

I should describe myself as more than just an elopement photographer. I will be your tour guide, your planner, your driver, your idea booster, your meteorologist, even your legal witness ... and I would love to be a part of your extraordinary day to create your amazing memories.


Scotland Elopement Photography - Glen Coe - Isle of Skye - Torridon - Trossachs - Outer Hebrides

I wee bit about myself to the end:

Weirdie Grizzly is my nickname and these two words characterize me well.

Weirdie ...
Different from most of the others - in the good way.

I do not have a TV.
I rather go into the Scottish wilderness to wander, hiking, wild-camping, fishing or just sitting deep in the forest and enjoying the silence of nature.
I like to think outside the box.

Grizzly ...
Well, let’s arrange a meeting with me and you will see it. :)

And at last here are a few facts about me - I hope you will find a few match:

I love nature.
I love lochs and glens (we call lakes and valleys in Scotland for that).
I love wandering and wild camping at the Scottish Highland.
I also work as a part-time private tour/hiking guide in Scotland
I love the rain - especially at summer time.
I have loved fishing since I was 7.
I love woolen jumpers and hats.
I love the art of tattoos, but I haven’t got any of them yet.
I love to cook for my loved ones.
I drink only water, but I don’t drink bottled water.
I love classical music and heavy metal.
I don’t watch TV, listen to news, adverts on the radio or read newspapers.
You have a good chance to meet with me all year round in the North-West of Scotland, on the Isle of Skye or on the Outer Hebrides when I’m wandering and camping around.

As you can see I am a down-to-earth guy - ohh and also a happy daddy of the 7 weeks old Emma Fiona - with creative influence towards my clients during the planning process of their Scotland elopement experience. I like to work closely with my couples so that they can exchange their vows in the way that they want to on the breathtaking Isle of Skye, or anywhere on the Scottish Highlands and Islands locations.
Let`s connect and ask me for your personally tailored elopement / wedding package.

I would love to hear more about you, about your visions and your love history.


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