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Emotional and Soulful Storytelling.


I'm passionate about helping you craft a wedding experience that honours your love story and showcases the beauty of your connection.


"I actually get a bit overwhelmed with emotion at just how perfectly David captured our wedding day"
Hi, I'm David, an elopement photographer based on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where I live with my beautiful wife, Orie, and our 3-year-old twins, Eisa and Reina (yep, got my hands full there!).

Whether you're planning your wedding in an ancient glen in the Highlands of Scotland, on the black sandy beaches of Iceland, or anywhere else, I'd love to chat.

My approach is to, first and foremost, make sure you have the most incredible wedding day you deserve and want. As well as being your photographer, I help all of my couples with their planning, helping to narrow down locations, write your timeline, recommending other suppliers, advising on the logistics of your day, and so much more.

I'm drawn to intimate, quiet moments between my couples that emphasise raw emotions. The real kind of emotions that make you feel something.
My style is heavily influenced by cinema, because, like a film, your love is a story that needs to be told.

If you feel drawn to my work, I'd love to chat with you. I offer a free Zoom cionsultation with absolutely zero obligation to book. I want everything to feel 'right' for you.
To get in touch, drop your details into the 'Request Information' form, head over to my website, or send me a messgage on Instagram.





David Conaty Photography

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