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Meagan Lawler Photography

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Hi! I’m Meagan! I specialize in intimate weddings and elopements. I’m the kind of girl who lives for anything outside, new places and people, and real, honest moments. 

That being said, if you have any crazy ideas - I want to hear them! If you want to go to a lake and swim, road trip & camp for a weekend, or have an early breakfast in your favorite cafe, I’m there.

You’re not afraid to get your shoes a little dirty, travel a little further down the path, or wind up with tangles in your hair. Your adventurous spirits and wild love deserve someone who understands all the crazy ideas running through your head. Maybe that’s adventuring through a foreign country you’ve always dreamed of visiting, or having an amazing hiking elopement, or saying your vows on top of a mountain - that’s what I did! 

You need a photographer who just gets you. 

Whether you’re planning an epic elopement in a foreign country, or an intimate wedding in your parent’s backyard, I’ll be there for it, cheering you on the whole time, because that’s exactly what you deserve. 




Meagan Lawler Photography

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