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Katie Fletcher Photography

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Your love is not run of the mill—your wedding photos shouldn’t be either. Rather than try to force you into someone else’s vision for your day, I custom-tailor my approach to best capture your love exactly as it is so you can relive those authentic and intimate moments for years to come.

No matter what your vision for your big day—be it a large urban wedding or an intimate elopement—I'll hold space for your excitement and vision even when others might not yet understand (looking at you, Aunt Cheryl). I also strive to create an experience that feels super comfortable and relaxed!

As a photographer, I am often one of the first vendors booked for your big day. I take this to heart by providing a wealth of knowledge and resources needed to plan your wedding timeline based on your photography priorities so you can fully enjoy the day rather than stressing about whether or not the right photos were taken!

As a Leave-No-Trace Aware Photographer, I support my clients’ desires to make their wedding day sustainable by providing insight about how to minimize waste, make eco-conscious decisions and provide a list of trusted sustainable vendors.




Katie Fletcher Photography

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