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Hi! My name is Nayza, and I'm a wedding and elopement photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area.

I have a passion for creating images that capture the beauty of love and commitment. Whether it's capturing an intimate moment between two people or an extravagant event, I want to achieve perfection and create cover-worthy photos for my clients.


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  • Passionate 1
  • Prompt 1
  • Great communicator 1
  • Friendly and fun to work with 1
  • Creative and/or artistic 1
  • Organized 1
  • Motivated and takes initiative 1
  • Trustworthy and honest 1
  • Collaborative 1
  • Quality of service 1
  • Ashley W.
  • Mussel Rock Park
  • Reviewed on March 20, 2021
It’s very rare that someone checks every box, and exceeds expectations, but Nayza has done just that. She’s talented, artistic, expert at her craft, visionary, an excellent collaborator, and provides a supportive/safe energy space for your true self to shine through her photography. All of these characteristics translate through the final product. We’ve used her 3 times so far, each for important milestones in our lives (engagement, wedding, birthday), and couldn’t have found anyone better. Her ideas, her photography skills, her editing skills, her energy, her genuine excitement for the craft, all combine for her to produce something ethereal, something so magical, that we are forever touched by. All these years I thought I wasn’t “photogenic” but really, the person photographing me couldn’t “see” me. Nayza has the ability to do that. To bring out something special in each photo. Her photos encapsulate the not only the physical environment, but the emotions felt as well. I see our engagement and wedding photos, and immediately feel the feelings I felt on that day. And did I mention her own emotions while shooting? She’s so excited and the best “hype man” anyone could ask for. She makes us feel beautiful, and secure in knowing that she’s going to catch us in our best moment, in our best light. I could go on, but I’m hitting this website’s word limit! Just know that she hits the target every single time, and we can’t wait to use her over and over (and over) again!
  • Passionate
  • Prompt
  • Great communicator
  • Friendly and fun to work with
  • Creative and/or artistic
  • Organized
  • Motivated and takes initiative
  • Trustworthy and honest
  • Collaborative
  • Quality of service


Clouds Inside

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