Congratulations to the winners of 2021 Wedding Instagram Awards!

Thank you to everyone who voted.

Most Wanderlust-Inducing Feed

Congratulations to the Most Wanderlust-Inducing Feed Winner, @deirdreandjon!

We're Deirdre + Jon, two almost-married people creating truthful photos of people in love. We're based in NYC but have traveled to 29 states and five countries in the past three years to photograph lovers in their element. We're obsessed with all weddings, from 300 guests to no guests, and pride ourselves in pushing our couples to celebrate their love in a way that is meaningful and authentic to who they are. We'll get down on the dance floor or carry a cake and champagne all the way to the top of a mountain-- all that matters to us is giving our couples space to be themselves and open their hearts fully on their wedding day, however that day might look, or wherever in the world it takes place.

Most Wanderlust-Inducing Feed Nominees
Most Informative Behind the Scenes

Congratulations to the Most Informative Behind the Scenes Winner, @donnamariephotography!

I’m a couples and intimate wedding photographer in the great state of Alaska. I have a passion for adventure and helping couples to truly make their wedding days about them and their love rather than outside opinions. With my instagram I want to provide valuable insight into how to go about doing that as well as tips and advice on choosing vendors, behind the scenes of what sessions look like, and inform and entertain simultaneously!

Most Informative Behind the Scenes Nominees
Most Likely to Win an Oscar

Congratulations to the Most Likely to Win an Oscar Winner, @cinematictide!

We fell in love with weddings 9 years ago because we saw how empowering telling stories of human connection, relationships and families remind us of who we are and what is important in life. It doesn't matter if it's small and intimate weddings or elopements, big, grand and elegant weddings. We want to create intentional stories that mean something to you.

Most Likely to Win an Oscar Nominees
Most Relatable Content

Congratulations to the Most Relatable Content Winner, @henrysdiary!

My name is Henry Tieu and I help couples crafting intentional elopements so they experience honest emotions on their wedding day. With my background as an ICU nurse, I see that life waits for no one. So I decided to live my life and help others live theirs, especially on the one day that signifies the beginning of something new, magical, and worth every second living for. This is why elopement photography isn't just my job, it's my calling.

Most Relatable Content Nominees
Most Dreamy Wedding Designs

Congratulations to the Most Dreamy Wedding Designs Winner, @bodasdecuentonew!

We are the Bodas de Cuento team, wedding fans and the most influential wedding planning and styling company in Spain and Colombia. On our Instagram account we share our work to inspire the modern couples. We are also international speakers, authors of three wedding books and founders of Bodas de Cuento School.

Most Dreamy Wedding Designs Nominees
Most Stunning Beauty Inspiration

Congratulations to the Most Stunning Beauty Inspiration Winner, @lauracarrollmakeupartistry!

Laura Carroll Makeup Artistry is an award winning business specialising in bridal makeup. The company ethos is not only to create makeup magic on the surface, but to use its power to bring out the widest smiles, beams of happiness and confidence from within.

Most Stunning Beauty Inspiration Nominees
Most Helpful Wedding Planning

Congratulations to the Most Helpful Wedding Planning Winner, @thebeccaandco!

Hi! I am Becca Tuttle, the CEO of Becca & Co (@thebeccaandco), a wedding planning company that seeks to educate our couples. We share what we know not only with our paying clients, but also with our online community. We are fiercely passionate about community over competition and helping engaged couples plan and design the dream wedding they deserve with our stress-free strategy. Stepping even further into our mission to educate, we also offer business coaching with the goal of helping wedding planners launch & scale their businesses.

Most Helpful Wedding Planning Nominees
Most Inspiring Wedding Fashion

Congratulations to the Most Inspiring Wedding Fashion Winner, @julita_ldn_bride!

Julita is an independent wedding dress atelier for starlit souls embracing individuality. Bespoke dresses that evoke freedom and break tradition, gowns are about romance rather than rules. Each gown is made to order, exclusively by hand in London, with a focus on slow fashion. The Julita experience is an intuitive journey, personal to every bride. Unstructured and unexpected, it’s about movement and emotion, expressing her essence and feminine power. Ethereal elegance inspired by poetry.

Most Inspiring Wedding Fashion Nominees
Most Inclusive Feed

Congratulations to the Most Inclusive Feed Winner, @heatherkpurdy!

I specialize in adventure elopements and intimate weddings in Big Sur, California and all along the West Coast, with an emphasis on inclusivity in all its forms. Always striving to make sure my work, website, and social media represent and reflect a wide variety of humans, because it is BEYOND important in the wedding and photography industry to make sure everyone feels seen and respected. It is my heartfelt belief each couple has a gorgeous love story and every single one deserves to be beautifully documented and celebrated!

Most Inclusive Feed Nominees
Most Incredible Cake Design

Congratulations to the Most Incredible Cake Design Winner, @havesomecakeuk!

Have Some Cake by Enrique was founded in Birmingham, United Kingdom 8 years ago. His specialty is Modern, Eclectic, Highly Bespoke Wedding Cakes and Celebration Cakes. Enrique’s background is in Architecture. His work is bursting with colour and packed with new ideas. He uses materials in innovative ways to mix textures and add new dimensions to his designs. The most remarkable thing is that, despite not two cakes looking the same , his style still shines through in every one.

Most Incredible Cake Design Nominees