Congratulations to the winners of The Best Wedding Instagram Accounts of 2020!

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Best Fashion Inspo

Congratulations to the Best Fashion Inspo Winner, Lilly Red Creative!

I’m Lilly, an international, award winning, destination wedding photographer for fashionable and discerning couples. I was born and raised in Italy and grew up surrounded by fashion, design and art. My artistic education pushed me to choose photography as my primary creative outlet. I always had this passion to grab my camera and photograph my adventures and the beautiful history and scenery around me. Photographing my first wedding in Italy changed me. I fell in love with the creative pursuit and positive energy of photographing love. I decided to only focus on the things that brought me happiness. I left my job, my family, my home and my safe life and ventured out in the world to pursue my dream with all of my efforts. I’m based in San Francisco, California and Lake Como, Italy and each corner of the world inspires me to do greater.

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Most Wow-Worthy Cakes

Congratulations to the Most Wow-Worthy Cakes Winner, Historias Del Ciervo!

Julian Angel, from Historias Del Ciervo, is always searching for inspiration to innovate on his blog, a project that mixes different areas from visual arts and cake design, with a global concept that reaches anywhere and anyone, transcending language and cultural barriers.

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Best Behind-the-Scenes

Congratulations to the Best Behind-the-Scenes Winner, The Gathering Co.!

Serving the Carolinas and beyond, The Gathering Co. is a creative wedding planning company specializing in unique and intentional weddings and elopements that represent the beautiful stories behind them. My talented team and I work to plan, coordinate and design one-of-a-kind gatherings unique to each couple's story and style, creating not only an unforgettable celebration, but also an enjoyable experience along the way. Our instagram profile is carefully curated to represent our couples and our work, from behind-the-scenes moments to wedding day beauty - we hope you enjoy being a part of our community.

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Most Wanderlust-Inducing Feed

Congratulations to the Most Wanderlust-Inducing Feed Winner, The Hearnes!

Hi! I’m Abbi Hearne (the one behind this insta account)! My husband Callen and I are adventure elopement photographers that truly live for adventure. We call Moab, Utah home but we travel about half of the year, mainly spending spring and fall in Yosemite National Park and summers in Alaska. We’re a small company (it’s just the two of us!) focused on bringing an incredible, intimate elopement experience to our couples, and our Instagram account reflects that! We mainly share our couple’s incredible stories and photos, advice for couples considering an elopement, fun behind the scenes from epic wedding days, and a good amount of our own personal adventures like rock climbing desert towers in Utah, ice climbing in glacier crevasses in Alaska, packrafting in Patagonia, hiking in Yosemite, and so on!

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Most Likely to Make You Laugh

Congratulations to the Most Likely to Make You Laugh Winner, Henry Tieu!

Everything we do is a part of life experience. With background in ICU nursing, I see how short but valuable life experiences are. Therefore, My photography business is more than capturing photos and moments, I believe in creating a memorable experience for my clients and those who follow long.

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Most Dreamy Tablescapes

Congratulations to the Most Dreamy Tablescapes Winner, Mae&Co Creative!

We are Mae&Co Creative. A boutique design and planning company that specializes in creating beautiful spaces and unique tablescapes all around the world.

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Most Inclusive Feed

Congratulations to the Most Inclusive Feed Winner, Chuy!

I like my couples how I like my buffets, all-inclusive. Every couple has a story to tell, and I'm the lucky one who gets to tell it all. My art has no limits. My art sees all color!

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Most Inventive Floral Design

Congratulations to the Most Inventive Floral Design Winner, The Potted Pansy!

We embrace the way the outer petals of a rose are worn and weathered. Imperfect and bruised by all standards, and yet, it is those petals that are protecting the inner perfect. The inner petals that are pristine and untouched. It's those outer petals that we leave on in my studio. They're symbolic and beautiful and imperfect. And we love them that way. The way a tiny little plant pushes through the earth to survive, live and thrive, despite all of the harsh surroundings that say it should not. It's not just blooms that create beautiful, captivating arrangements, but the in-between imperfect pieces; the weeds, the twigs, the bits of plants.

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Most Likely to Win an Oscar

Congratulations to the Most Likely to Win an Oscar Winner, Wild Light Films!

Weddings are wonderful because they personify originality and nostalgia. It’s the highlights we remember; so I strive to capture and create a perfect medley of those moments for my couples. I'm just a traveling hooligan that enjoys capturing stories of love and life in rad, honest films.

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Best Wedding Planning Advice

Congratulations to the Best Wedding Planning Advice Winner, Adventure Instead!

Hey! We're Maddie Mae, Amber, & Tori—3 elopement photographers and guides, here to inspire and empower you to focus on what matters most when you get married. No one should love your wedding experience more than you do—so make the brave choice to #AdventureInstead and have an intimate and meaningful "just us" experience that you'll never forget.

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