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Christopher James Wedding Films

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Okay so first things first, please call me Chris, I'm only ever called Christopher when I'm in trouble, usually by either my wife or my Mother.


Okay now that's out of the way ... I love weddings! In fact I want to be a guest at every wedding I film! So this is how I shoot, as if I were a guest. Blending in with the rest of the lovely folk at your wedding is key to me capturing natural moments and ensuring that nobody feels uncomfortable when I am around them.


Minimalistic equipment allows me to focus on the story of your day as opposed to unnecessary technical hinderances. Don’t worry your film will still look beautiful through the use of natural light and creative composition.


I am however less interested in the visual aesthetics of your day than you may think, my main goal is to capture the real human emotion shown by yourselves and your guests. The tears, the laughter, the embraces, the dances, all the moments that make a wedding day such a marvellous occasion to behold.




Christopher James Wedding Films

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