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Dreamers Filmhouse

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“Wedding films for the adventurous.”

We are a team of videographers with the purpose of telling stories by capturing every word, smile, and look to turn them into exciting and unique wedding movies and videos. Founded in 2012 by Gladys González  in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dreamers Filmhouse was born with the desire to discover the world through each person who shares their story with us.

Being at the right moment in recording all that roller coaster of emotions is an adventure that we take to the editing room where we always find many things that surprise us. Our special touch is to combine those images and sounds with carefully selected music to make them the best memory of a great day.

As audiovisual professionals, we have a distinctive artistic eye to pay attention to everything, however small or large it may be. And that is precisely our engine - finding the best pieces to make everything fit together in the best way and create beautiful films that will allow anyone who views it to relive everything: the places, the people, and the little details.

It is a passion that we live on day by day and that continues to grow. So make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and feel comfortable and write to us about yourselves. We'd love to talk and learn about your story.




Dreamers Filmhouse

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