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My name is Emma-Jane and I am an International wedding photographer. Based in London and the Cotswolds, I have a specialism in destination weddings, travelling across the UK and worldwide. 
I aim to capture every wedding day as unique as the next. With a editorial fashion style blended with documentary. Meaning I will capture the day as it unfolds but making sure everything is as artistic as possible while you enjoy the day without hassle. But this still allowed you to be truly present and enjoy your day. Having captured a number of weddings over the years, I look to help guide your schedule with what you would like to achieve. We would have a call around a month before to speak about your wedding day plan and make sure everything flows the way you need this to. Such as photos you would like, group photos and any surprises you have in store for each other. Making sure that you will get the photos you want to as well as enjoying the day. 
I have created simple packages for you to pick from to work alongside most wedding days. However you can also create a bespoke package to capture every bit of detail of the day that you see fit.




Emma-Jane Photography

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