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Clarkie Photography



Wedding photography for me is all about telling stories of emotion, life, love, fun and of honest human connections. It's no more complicated than that.

Couples who work with me see photography as one of the most important elements of their wedding day. They come to me because I truly capture the story of their day, with photos jam-packed with genuine moments and that reflect the love they have for each other. My couples know that I am less traditional in my approach and fully embrace that. They do not want cheesey poses, just real and honest moments captured creatively. Most importantly of all though, my couples are always up for an adventure and know that when we take risks we often get rewarded. And we also have a lot of fun.

I know that I am incredibly lucky to do this for a living. When you boil it all down, I get to go to an incredible party most weekends, sometimes in exotic places. And always with the single aim of creating the best wedding photographs I have ever created for a couple that deserve nothing less.


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