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Sam Ponsford Bodas

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I am a British photographer living in north west Spain and working across, Spain, the UK and Europe (and beyond). I specialise in creating timeless, yet nostalgic images and my preferred medium is film.

As your photographer on your wedding day, I will blend in with the guests wherever possible and go with the flow, I love the unexpected and embrace all the perfect imperfections of the day as it unfolds. As an insider at your wedding, your photos will allow you to feel all the emotions of the day and relive them again and again for years to come.

I approach every wedding with fresh eyes, excited to create an original and unique legacy of your day. My photography is an eclectic mix; edgy and modern yet inspired by the past, by feelings of nostalgia and memory. Classic cinema, great works of art, music, and fashion all contribute to creating my style, but from this exciting mix of inspiration, I will craft a record of your love that feels viscerally and unambiguously you.





Sam Ponsford Bodas

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