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Nuno Lopes Photography

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I'm a photographer passionate about capturing unique and unforgettable moments.

My mission is to create memories that last forever through the art of storytelling and capturing emotions. But that's not all that defines me. I am a photographer who believes in five fundamental pillars for an incredible work: Glamour, Creativity, Spontaneity, Emotion and Passion. If those words make your heart race and your mind imagine wonderful moments, then I'm the photographer you're looking for.

When I started photographing weddings (my specialty), I discovered that I could unite my passion for photography with the art of creating unique and unforgettable memories. 
With years of experience and with all fashion photography that i also make, I have developed my own style that values the naturalness of moments and emotions, creating images that speak for themselves.


But what really motivates me is the relationship I create with my clients. I love getting involved in the process, understanding the expectations and needs of the bride and groom, and creating a relationship of trust and comfort so that they feel comfortable and relaxed during their wedding day.




Nuno Lopes Photography

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