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Hi, I'm Sarah! Based in Whitefish, Montana, I’m a lover of sunny days spent outside, pink starburst, slow mornings, exploring my new home state of Montana, and afternoon iced vanilla lattes at any time of the year. Wife + Mama are two of my most cherished titles, reality tv and early 00’s hip hop music are my guilty pleasures, and deep friendships are what bring life to my soul. I’m an introvert, natural observer, and a feeler to my core. After spending the first 32 years of my life in Atlanta, Ga the word “ya’ll” is now a permanent part of my vocabulary and I will forever have a deep appreciation for a cold glass of iced sweet tea on a hot summer day.

If I’m not out photographing love stories, you can find me curled up by the fire with a cup of coffee by day and a glass of cabernet by night; binging my favorite guilty pleasure Bravo TV shows; making my husband roll his eyes with the amount of times that I “need” to go to Target; or spending way too many hours on Pinterest, dreaming up my next home design idea.

With over 10 years of worth of weddings under my belt, I’ve learned the importance of capturing what truly matters on a wedding day. Plain and simple: I'm not here to get a trendy photo that will get a lot of likes on instagram. I'm here to tell your story in the most organic and honest way possible. I want to capture those quiet moments that make you feel something. That tear running down your mother’s face as you walk down the aisle, the hug you gave grandma during family photos, or the quick kiss you gave your partner when you thought that no one was watching. I wholeheartedly believe that my job is to step out of the way and let the natural progression of your wedding day unfold. My job is not to pose you in a stiff and unnatural way, but to capture your day exactly as it is, keeping everything genuine to who you and your partner are to your core. My job is to step back, observe, and let you and your partner just “be.” 




Sarah Joy Photo

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