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Destinie Fouche Photography

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Hey there!

We’re Montana elopement photographers with a purpose.

Our purpose is to support you.

Imagine creating an elopement experience full of the things you care about.

Meaningful relationships. Attention to detail. And the peace you feel in nature.

Elevate your elopement with the finer things in life.

the person you love, the views that make your jaw drop, the food + drink you savor, & the folks that make you feel at home.

introducing you to where your luxury wedding and the great outdoors can collide


Meet Des and Dan


We’re a lot like you… Dan & I (mostly I) fell in love backpacking across Asia as strangers. Then once we were back in the states, our friendship grew!! Once we were engaged (OMG I WAS PUMPED HE FINALLY LIKED ME LOL) we started planning a wedding with less than 6 months until our date. We were crazy in love and just wanted our day to hurry!! I even remember calling my mom and asking, “Will you still help give us a BIG wedding if we just go to the courthouse and make this legit?”

This should have been our cue to elope.

Many people tried to come to our rescue & assure us, “this is normal. you’re supposed to feel this way before the big day!”

But we’ve found that’s not the truth.

You don’t have to be stressed. You don’t have to invite everyone. You don’t have to feed the whole town. And you don’t have to follow by any preexisting rules.

You deserve an elopement that makes you feel valued & heard.





Destinie Fouche Photography

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