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As you revel in the magic of your wedding day, you’ll want to remember every detail. With the countless joys that are bound to occur throughout the day, you will need a talented, trusted Maryland wedding photographer to document every moment. Our goal at Junebug Weddings is to help you in every way possible as you plan a wedding worthy of your love. Engaged couples from around the world visit Junebug Weddings for wedding inspiration, but we offer more than planning advice and inspiration. Our team has curated a list of talented wedding photographers in Maryland. You can browse these photographers' portfolios online and find the perfect photographer.

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Kimberly Dean Photos

Alicia Wiley Photography

How To Choose Your Perfect Maryland Wedding Photographer

Junebug Weddings has worked to create a list of the best wedding photographers in Maryland just for you. But how can you choose between these experienced and trusted Maryland wedding photographers? We won’t tell you which one to choose, but we will give you some tips on how you’ll be able to tell which one is right for your wedding.

  • Your Personalities Mesh. Your wedding photographer is there to ensure that every moment of your wedding day is documented, so they will be with you at every moment. Before the big day, you’ll want to know that you get along with your photographer and that you feel completely comfortable with them during all of the most important moments.
  • Their Style Makes You Smile. Sometimes, knowing that you’ve found the right photographer is just instinctual. If you look at a photographer’s portfolio and get a sense of joy as you flip through the photos, that might be the photographer for you. All Maryland wedding photographers have their own style, and you need to choose the one who fits easily and naturally with your unique style.
  • Their Editing Takes Your Breath Away. A wedding photographer will likely have a certain tone in all of their editing, and you may know that you’ve found your photographer when you discover a tone that inspires you. Whether you want the editing to be romantic and windswept or cheery and bright, you will need a photographer who can deliver just what you like.

Before making your final decision, you might need to speak with several photographers and review several galleries. As you review their work, look for photos that capture the mood and vibe you hope to capture at your upcoming wedding. Once you've found the perfect Maryland wedding photographer, be sure to book them right away so that your wedding day will be picture perfect.


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