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Dawson Renaud Film and Photo

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Think of me as your personal hype-man. I want your wedding photos to look STUNNING. I want there to be a wow factor when people look at the gallery for the first time, for the 50th time, and for the 1000th time. Maybe 1000 times is a lot, but I want you to be obsessed with your wedding gallery. I’m there to hype you up and help you feel like you are a pro at getting your photo taken. I bring music, make everyone comfortable, and create a fun, relaxed wedding photo experience.

I don't pose, I prompt. And there is a big difference!

True emotion and feelings in your wedding photos do not come from posing, it comes from prompts. This helps involve movement, a key element to getting you the best wedding photos and wedding film possible. When you are moving you are fluid, free, and yourself. Some of my prompts are meant to be funny, to make you laugh and enjoy your time with your new husband or wife. Some of my prompts allow you to reflect on the day so far, relax, and soak in the moment that you finally get to marry your best friend.




Dawson Renaud Film and Photo

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