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Tusi Photography

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I'm a Hungary based wedding photographer & wife & dog owner. I started to learn photography with my analog Yashica camera. The analog influence is still visible in my style. I always focus on unique stories, emotions, and natural, spontaneous moments. My editing style is documentarist, with a touch of vintage, cinematic vibe. I'd love couples to see themselves as the main character of their romantic movie.  I'm a truly romantic person who still cries at weddings, after all these years of wedding photography. 
My other passion next to photography is travelling. I grew up in an irregular family with a street musician father, travelling with our van. This is why I turned to destination weddings & elopements. In this field I can combine my two passions. As an adult I lived in Florence, Italy, and also in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a really open-minded, easy going person who loves to meet new people & cultures and I love to tell their stories through my lens.




Tusi Photography

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