Quaint cliffside towns, clear turquoise seas, and all the baklava you could ever want...Greece is basically all of our dreams come to life. It’s no wonder that so many travel-loving couples choose this stunning country as their wedding destination, and we can’t get enough of their Grecian-style celebrations.

If you’re planning a big, fat, Greek wedding of your own, you’ll want an amazing photographer by your side to capture every moment. We searched across Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and all the Greek islands to find the best of the best wedding photographers in Greece, and we know you’ll love their work as much as we do.

Top photographer in Greece

Junebug’s Greece Photography Will Capture Your Perfect Day

Whether you’re inspired by the ancient ruins in Athens, the crisp blues + whites of Santorini, or the mythological legends of Crete, your Greece wedding is sure to be as gorgeous as the country itself. Our top wedding photographers in Greece would love nothing more than capturing your special day! Here are a few reasons why we adore these top photographers:

  • Their romantic style. These wedding photographers bring a modern perspective to their romantic style, allowing their creativity to show in each image. They know exactly how to utilize the beauty of Greece to their advantage, often using natural light and stunning scenery for ethereal + artistic photos.
  • Their love for authenticity. Our Greece wedding photographers don’t just capture the biggest moments and details of your day. They strive to let your unique love story shine through in their work, preferring to shoot the in-between moments that are here and gone before you know it. You’ll be grateful for all the memories they capture, no matter how fleeting it felt in the moment.
  • Their endless positivity. Your wedding day will be made that much sweeter by the positive attitude + excitement that these Greece photographers show up with. They love learning all about your love story and are honored to be a part of it!

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