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Hi there! My name is Céline, and I’m 40. I live in the South of France. I’m a French wedding photographer and I’m passionate about connections between people, and emotions. How we love, laugh and cry, how we meet, trust and share. I’m dedicated to tell the stories behind the human beings I’m lucky enough to meet.

I travel everywhere in France and abroad.

Intimate wedding, alternative wedding, folk or boho wedding, private ceremony in the woods or in the mountains, elopement to the other side of the world… Who cares about how it’s called ? Because you don’t really ask yourself how people will label it. You just know what you want.

You know the only thing you care about is that it’s going to be YOUR special day. It’s going to be a wonderful step in your love history. Your vows will be chosen carefully because it matters. Well, this is exactly this personal celebration of your unique love that I can’t wait to photograph !


“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.”  Annie Leibovitz

Looking for happiness everywhere is my obsession. I want to feel it. To offer it. To create it. It is my chorus, my everyday’s quest. With my family of course, with my friends as well, for sure. It also implies for me to accept and embrace who I really am : sensitive, cheerful, fun-loving, playful and very fond of long talks that make me think and illuminate my life. And that also comes through meeting you, beautiful lovebirds. I’ve been accompanying you for more than 7 years now. You recognize yourselves in my pictures and my heart and soul feed from our exchanges and laughters.

Thanks to you, I get my inspiration from the dreams you are kind enough to share with me, and thanks to you, I feel I’m getting closer to the person and photographer I wanna be. On my side, I tell your story with light and images. The little details and the big emotions. Your sheer madness or your tenderness, the cosy and quiet moments, and the loud ones… 


“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it means you have have decided to look beyond imperfections.”


So if you dream about adventures… And live your dreams… There’s a chance we’ll get along just fine!  Just contact me and we'll chat !





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