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Hey Y'all!

We are Lacy-Jessica and Jasmin, your wedding photographers and videographers. I started this business officially in 2020 as just a photographer for weddings and graduations. In 2022, I met Jasmin and she very quickly became the peanut butter to my jelly. Initially, starting off as my assistant she very quickly learned to become a photographer then taking further initiative to become a videographer.

We met working in a skilled nursing facility, her as the Activities Director and I as a nurse. I've been in healthcare for over a decade and a mom to two teenage boys and a lazy pitbull each with their own personality and their mother's bold and sarcastic attitude--I include the dog in that too lol. As a nurse I've seen birth, death and trauma sometimes all in the same night. I've seen families cry over their losses and cheer over new beginnings. I know heartache and I know love. I think that's what makes me different from other photographers because in the moment I know it's value.
The first kiss, the way he looks at you going down the aisle, the friends and family celebrating you and your partner's love. Years from now the cake will have been eaten and the wine drank; you will have those forever memories perfectly kept in a photograph and video that can always transport you back to that day any time you want.

We serve mostly the Gainesville and Jacksonville Florida area but I also travel regularly to Savannah, Ga. Traveling is in our hearts, so if you'd love to have us at your destination wedding, we would love to come!
So that's us, authentic, a little messy and a lot of fun.




Lacy Jessica Photography LLC.

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