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Tiffany is a wedding photographer deeply passionate about capturing the essence of each unique love story through both on film and digital photography. Her mission is to capture the real you and the candid moments that allow you to remember your wedding day with photos that look how your memories fell.

She believes in getting to know her clients on a personal level, understanding their personalities, and learning what makes their love story extraordinary. With a focus on preserving their love story, a keen eye for detail, and a love of creative lighting, she ensures that every image reflects the genuine emotions and candid moments that make their wedding day truly special.

Tiffany loves embracing her creativity by playing with different forms of light to craft artistic and captivating shots that genuinely speak to the heart. She finds black and white photography uniquely powerful, as it allows to focus on the raw and intimate aspects of a wedding, freezing those precious moments, and immortalizing the love and emotions shared.


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  • Passionate 1
  • Prompt 1
  • Great communicator 1
  • Friendly and fun to work with 1
  • Creative and/or artistic 1
  • Organized 1
  • Motivated and takes initiative 1
  • Trustworthy and honest 1
  • Collaborative 1
  • Quality of service 1
  • Hailey O.
  • Tampa, FL
  • Reviewed on January 25, 2024
From our initial call, we knew she understood exactly what we were going for with our wedding photos, including candids, photos of us interacting with family members, black and white, and film. Prior to wedding day, Tiffany made sure she had all mood boards and inspiration ready to go. She was able to successfully translate this to her entire team, and they too knew exactly what they were going for. She was SO efficient during family portraits and got them done as fast as possible. She even woke up with us extremely early to cover the breakfast we had together the morning of our wedding. She is extremely professional, FUN to be around, and worked beautifully with our wedding planner to make sure we didn’t have to answer any logistical questions if we could avoid it. Tiffany went out of her way to ensure we had PLENTY of coverage on our wedding day to get the candids that were so incredibly important to us. Our sneak peeks came SO fast, and it was the best wedding present we could have received. We couldn’t wait to look all of them over, and of course post the most gorgeous pictures ever. She was able to capture exactly who we were as a couple, what was most important to us, and the beautiful day that was our wedding day. We would recommend her to any bride and groom thinking about booking her.
  • Passionate
  • Prompt
  • Great communicator
  • Friendly and fun to work with
  • Creative and/or artistic
  • Organized
  • Motivated and takes initiative
  • Trustworthy and honest
  • Collaborative
  • Quality of service


Tiffany Maysonet Photography

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