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Hey howdy! I'm Sam, your Colorado-based photographer + planner. I specialize in adventurous elopements and microweddings, but have been known to shoot some awesome mountain weddings from time to time. If your priorities are insane views, reduced stress, priceless memories, and wild adventures then I am the girl for you!

What is an elopement? A day all about you & your person. Do whatever y'all want, wherever y'all want. Bring a few people or leave everyone in the dust. The main thing is what we're planning the day around you & your boo, no one else.

And I'm here to capture it! I adore the intersection of capturing stunning locations and your real moments�"I want to do you as much justice as the beautiful mountains, arches, or sunsets you're in front of, and provide you with completely unique photos that tell the story of your day. From sun up to sun down and beyond. The big picture and the little details.

On top of photography, I also love helping my clients plan an epic day. When you hire me, you get so much more than "just" a photographer. You get a planning, creative, adventurous friend to bounce ideas off of and make shit happen. My goal is not just to take beautiful photos of your day, but to help make sure your entire wedding or elopement is a success from start to finish.

I can't wait to hear about the incredible day you've been dreaming up!




Maye.Be Take A Photo

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