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Photos by Pala Mikayla

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Here's why I'm your girl:

My job is to make sure your wedding day is smooth. as. butter.
And, obviously, to take wicked photos! But, it's just as important to me that you have the best day ever because that always results in better photos. You're smiling, I'm capturing it, and we're making magic :)

This means that if your mother-in-law is driving you mental, I'll give her a job or ask for privacy... after all, everyone always does whatever I say on a wedding day. It's kind of awesome, haha!

Not only will I make sure everything is easy peasy lemon squeeeezy, but I will help you with all the planning. I'm not a certified wedding planner, but I've planned 50+ weddings and have photographed 225+ weddings. Not my first rodeo ;) everything from finding vendors, picking locations, and timeline planning. I got you!

So, if you're a friggin' weirdo like me who loves going barefoot and making out in the rain (actually I've never done this but I totally fantasize about it), then you should probably hire me. I think we'll have a good time. Unless you're rude to waiters.. in that case, I'm probably not your girl. But if you've made it this far in my bio, you probably resonate with me, and I love you for it.

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Photos by Pala Mikayla

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