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Established in 2014, by owner Shardey Olynyk, Na Lia Weddings was born from a desire to offer a distinctive service that would stand out in the wedding industry, and this is exactly what Na Lia Weddings has achieved. 


Specializing in modern, classic and destination weddings, Na Lia Weddings work is an emotional and conceptual representation of their client's love stories delivered through a contemporary and timeless artistic perspective.


Noticing a growing trend in couples looking for wedding photography that went beyond traditional, posed images, Shardey sought an editorial and storytelling style that would beautifully narrate a wedding day, capturing candid moments that convey a couple's love and emotions while reflecting their unique personalities and the essence of their wedding celebration. Blending photojournalism and editorial aesthetics, and with a keen eye for detail, Shardey creates stunning artistic compositions, that provide her couples with a visual narrative they will love for years to come.


Since the establishment of Na Lia Weddings, the business continues to gain recognition for their distinctive style and commitment to delivering exceptional photographs, while offering custom curated collections that are personalized to a couples wants and desires. They deliver online galleries with digital deliverables so you have the flexibility to print, share and preserve the memories you wish which can include custom designed albums and professional fine art prints, video packages, along with 35mm film photography for all the nostalgic vibes you love. Their goal being to simply provide a comprehensive and tailored wedding experience that goes beyond just capturing images.


In the realm of wedding photography, two editing styles are prominent, bright and airy or dark and moody, however the Na Lia Weddings editing approach has seamlessly blended the elements of both, resulting in their distinctive aesthetic that lives beyond fleeting trends. They have mastered the art of creating timeless images, preserving the richness, clarity and sharpness of each photograph taken, striking the perfect balance.For Shardey it's so much more than a passion, it's an invested emotional interest in providing couples with keepsakes of their day that hold priceless value and allow you to revisit the past, relive precious memories and keep the memories of loved ones alive.


Beyond the incredible memories captured, Na Lia Weddings understands the significance of your day and takes great pride in providing an exceptional experience. From understanding the importance of a harmonious relationship between themselves and the couple by blending a delightful personality with utmost professionalism, to the ability to maintain a seamless schedule to ensure peace of mind, they infuse every moment of the day with genuine warmth and infectious positivity. Rest assured, you are also entrusting your precious memories to reliable, capable and professional hands, and through education, the honing of her technical skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Shardey excels at every turn.


By choosing their luxury high-end services, you are not merely investing in stunning photographs but in an exclusive experience that will elevate your wedding day to new heights. Na Lia Weddings invite you to embrace their unparalleled artistry and unwavering dedication as they capture your cherished moments with grace and sophistication.




Na Lia Weddings

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