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Adam + Alexandra Photography



You've found the Jim to your Pam, the Cory to your Topanga, the Crap Bag to your Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. That's so rad + we want to celebrate that with our photographs. 

We’re Adam + Alex - skilled snackers, sass-masters, + wedding photographers based in Calgary, Alberta. Our approach to photography is to document your lives + connection authentically, with a love for film-inspired tones, natural light, + a bit of grit. We're all about creating photographs that are true + unique to your story. We want your every day. We want the intimacy, the silliness, the chaos, the realness.

Our couples are looking for photographers they can laugh + hang out + become pals with, who truly care about their happiness + will work their butts off to document the most important day of their lives with enthusiasm + dedication. Our couples are into creative, candid photography. They're pretty chill, yet always in favour of spontaneity. They are laid-back adventurers, the kind to carry beers in their backpacks + are always down for a river hang. They're affectionate, open, + laugh a lot. They're risk-takers, a little bit (usually super) badass. They are adventure buddies, partners in crime, two humans who have so much fun together that they're vowing to be best friends forever.

If this sounds like you, let's hang.


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