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Shannon Rock

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Hello, my name is Shannon, and I have to first say, I love my job. 

Capturing people's love fills my heart with joy....

I started my work journey at 17 in 1999, joined the military and went off to explore what the world had to offer. Tried, failed and tried again. From being a chef (yes, I have a romantic relationship for food if you were wondering :)), to an accountant, to a project manager, administration.... I tried so many things to finally land where I am today, and couldn't imagine now doing anything else in the world. From adventure elopements, to fashion and marketing capangins, creative portraits to working my team on commercials, I swim in the world of visual expressions in both photography and filmmaking everyday! Take a look at my portfolio, read even more about me, see if I am your vibe, and if so complete a contact form and let's make your nuptial dreams come true!

My Style:


Is romantic, editorial, with a side of classic or retro flair. A times off-beat, and others with a nod to the early stages of portrait photography. Every picture I take I want to be magazine ready :) 

My influences are Annie Leibovitz, Baz Luhrmann, Platon, and Ryan Murphy.

"As adventurers, explorers, and seekers, you yearn for an extraordinary quest�"a profound journey that surpasses the limits of what you have witnessed thus far. In a vast ocean of breathtaking, Instagram-worthy visuals, you seek an experience and artistic creations that possess substance, depth, and a compelling narrative. You desire photography that is as exceptional as your own individuality�"captivating images that are one-of-a-kind, captured with deep meaning and soul."




Shannon Rock

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