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Lovely Bride was borne of the concept that bridal could be way cooler. When the company was dreamed up in 2009, there was a change happening in the wedding world, and brides were looking for something more authentic and REAL for their wedding day. Not the glitz and polish of weddings memorialized in gilded frames. The wedding dress shopping experience lagged way behind, with its formal, stuffy feel and outdated designers. So founder Lanie List plucked some of her designers off of Etsy and opened the first Lovely Bride in a West Village townhouse in April 2010. The sales stylists were fun, not judgy. The dresses were crafted, not produced. And the decor was light-hearted, not heavy. This unique style set the new standard for what bridal shopping could be!


Word spread about the new way we were doing bridal, which brought us a lot of attention from smart women around the country who wanted a Lovely in their town. So Lanie decided to franchise Lovely, since she loved the idea of helping women get into business.




Lovely Bride Seattle

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