Image Requirements:

How should I submit my images?

As we receive such a large quantity of image submissions, we request that you send us your images through our contest submission Hightail page. You will be directed to this page upon successful completion of our contest submission form. If for some reason this page is not working for you, please email [email protected] to find an alternate solution.

What rules do you have about post production edits?

Diptychs, triptychs, and similar photo combinations are allowed and will be considered as a single Entry and should be combined into one image file. Other than that, we do not have any rules about the type of editing used in the post-production process.

Can I submit an image if it’s been featured on a blog?

This all depends on that blog’s exclusivity policy. If you still have rights to the image, you can submit it to our contest.

If my photos have been published on the Junebug blog, can I still submit them to the contest?

Of course! 

How should I label my images?

Please label your files and zip folder as follows: YOUR-NAME-OR-STUDIO-NAME-WEDDING-CONTEST-2015

Do I need to send my images in a compressed folder?

Yes, please send your images in a compressed FOLDER and name both the folder and images with the label YOUR-NAME-OR-STUDIO-NAME-WEDDING-CONTEST-2015. We only accept zip folders, so please do not send us any other file type. Also, please do not compress individual images -- this takes us forever to download and open and it’s easy for us to lose images when they are submitted this way. Thanks!

What is the file size limit?

Please keep your zip folder under 20MB. 15 photos sized at 1,500 pixels on their longest side will easily compress to under 20MB.

What are the date restrictions for the images submitted?

Your photo must have been taken sometime within the past year. December 2014-December 2 2015 (contest submission deadline).

Are styled shoots/workshop photos allowed?

While we prefer real couples, styled shoots and workshops are allowed. *We understand that many styled shoots and workshop photos actually showcase real couples, which makes it extremely difficult for us to differentiate. Our contests aim to represent authentic moments between couples, and authenticity is definitely a factor used in our judging process.


Where do I submit?

Do I need to submit my images when I pay for my submission?

When you submit your entry form, you will be directed to our Hightail page that allows you to upload your image submission and send it to us. We prefer that you have your images ready to go before you submit otherwise we will have to spend more time locating your files and attaching them to your submission.

I’m submitting images for a studio, not an individual photographer. What do I do?

You will need to make separate submissions for each photographer from the studio who is submitting photos to the contest. Please make sure that the files are correctly labeled so we will be able to differentiate the photographer. If you make one single submission for more than one photographer, we will send you an invoice for each additional photographer. The cost of the contest fee is per photographer submission, not per studio submission.

How do I know that you received my submission?

You will receive a confirmation message upon successful completion of the entry form as well as a second confirmation from Hightail after we receive your images. We will also send you a receipt for your payment. If you do not receive one of these documents, contact us immediately.

I emailed yesterday about a problem with my submission and no one has responded yet? Did you get my email?

During contest submission periods, we typically receive anywhere from 100-200 emails per day (on top of the normal emails we receive every day). We do our best to attend to each email as quickly as possible, and just ask that you be patient with us. If we still have yet to email back after 3 days, please call 1-888-418-6149.


How much does it cost to enter this photo contest?

Non-members can submit up to 15 images for $28.00 and Junebug members can submit up to 15 images for $18.00 (members can also submit 3 images for free). Entrants submitting 15 images also have the option to submit 5 more images for $5. The maximum number of images an entrant can submit is 20. 

I accidentally submitted as a Junebug member, what do I do?

We track member/non-member submissions, so we will definitely catch a submission from a non-member who submitted as a member. We will send you an invoice immediately for the difference in submission fees. If you are a member who accidentally submitted as a non-member, contact us if we haven’t reached out to you yet, and we will refund you the difference!

I never received my payment receipt?

Please email [email protected]. Thanks!

My submission fee payment hasn’t shown up in my bank account yet?

It may take 1-3 days for your submission fee payment to appear in your bank records, depending on your bank. If you received a payment receipt from us, that is confirmation that we received your payment and that the transaction was successful.

I think there was a problem with my image submission, will I get a refund?

If for some reason your image submission did not go through, we will attempt contacting you at least 2 times via email. If we don’t receive a response from you prior to the start of the judging process, no refund will be given.

I’m unhappy with the collection results, can I get a refund?

No, and don’t be a sore loser :)

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call 1-888-418-6149 or write to [email protected]. Thanks!