Image Requirements:

How should I submit my images?

As we receive such a large quantity of image submissions, we request that you send us your images through our submission form or through our Hightail dropbox. Images submitted via alternate methods will not be considered.

What rules do you have about post production edits?

Diptychs, triptychs, and similar photo combinations are allowed and will be considered as a single Entry and should be combined into one image file. Other than that, we do not have any rules about the type of editing used in the post-production process.

Can I submit an image if it’s been featured on a blog?

This all depends on that blog’s exclusivity policy. If you still have rights to the image, you can submit it to our contest.

If my photos have been published on the Junebug blog, can I still submit them to the contest?

Of course! 

How should I label my images?

However you like!  

What are the date restrictions for the images submitted?

Your photo must have been taken sometime within the past year. December 1 2015 - December 6 2016.

Are styled shoots/workshop photos allowed?


Are pre-wedding/post-wedding day photos allowed?

No. Images entered should showcase couples on the actual wedding day. 


Do I need to submit my images when I pay for my submission?

Yes. Please have your submission materials ready before beginning the submission form. 

I’m submitting images for a studio, not an individual photographer. What do I do?

If you are wanting to be credited individually, you will need to make separate submissions for each photographer from the studio submitting photos to the contest. The reason we do this is actually quite simple! When we are judging photos, it makes it extremely unclear who shot a winning image if multiple photographers tried to submit with a single submission. 

How do I know that you received my submission?

You will receive a lovely confirmation email. If for some reason you do not receive this email, please drop us a line at editorial(at)

I emailed yesterday about a problem with my submission and no one has responded yet? Did you get my email?

During contest submission periods, we typically receive anywhere from 100-200 emails per day (on top of the normal emails we receive every day). We do our best to attend to each email as quickly as possible, and just ask that you be patient with us. If we still have yet to email back after 3 days, please call 1-888-418-6149.


How much does it cost to enter this photo contest?

Non-members can submit up to 15 images for $28.00 and Junebug members can submit up to 15 images for $18.00 (members can also submit 3 images for free). We also have the option for you to submit 5 additional photos for $5. The max number of photos allowed per entry is 20.

What is a Junebug member?

A Junebug member is a business listed in our vendor directory. If you submit as a Junebug member and you are not, you will be invoiced for any difference in contest fees. 

I never received my payment receipt?

Please email [email protected]. Thanks!

My submission fee payment hasn’t shown up in my bank account yet?

It may take 1-3 days for your submission fee payment to appear in your bank records, depending on your bank. If you received a payment receipt from us, that is confirmation that we received your payment and that the transaction was successful.

I’m unhappy with the collection results, can I get a refund?

No, and don’t be a sore loser :)

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call 1-888-418-6149 or write to [email protected]. Thanks!