open for submissions 7.16.2018

Judges: The Junebug Weddings team, Mark Pacura, Carey Nash, and Jane Iskra of ISKRA Photography



What is destination photography?  

Destination photography highlights the landscape and architecture of a particular destination. For this contest, we look at the balance between the beauty of a destination and the love between a couple. Instead of focusing on how many miles the photographer and/or couple had to travel to take a photo, we look at the image’s ability to blend the destination and couple into a single piece of art that might inspire another couple to travel (and hopefully bring a photographer along, too!). This contest is supposed to bring attention to the fun of destination photography, as well as highlight work from the best destination photographers in the world. If you have further questions about this contest, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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Photo by Dallas & Sabrina