The Best Wedding Websites to Give Your Guests the Deets

August 22, 2016 | gabby

desert header final photo by Jonnie + Garrett

For those of you who may not know me, my name’s Gabby and I’m the Editorial Intern here at Junebug Weddings! In addition to the fun I have by sharing weddings with you all, I am currently planning my very own wedding. As soon as I picked my dress, selected our wedding venue, and secured our photographer, I immediately hunkered down and started researching the best wedding website hosts available. After all, building an excellent wedding website is the easiest and most fun way to inform your guests, hype up your wedding, and show off your amazing engagement session photos!

These days, most wedding website builders offer the same baseline features: a dedicated spot to link to your registries, an integrated event schedule, RSVP features, and sometimes even free e-invitations and e-save-the-dates. So, what sets these wedding website builders apart? We broke down each of our favorite sites by price and unique features to bring you the best wedding websites of 2016!

Appy Couple

Appy Couple copy2 engagement photos by Pike + Maia

Price: One-time payment of $39-89

What We Love: There are so many reasons to love Appy Couple. Each site’s interface is flexible, there’s spreadsheet-compatible guest list management, and the overall flow and graphics of each site are modern and user-friendly. Best of all, each site comes with a free app for guests to download that offers a live day-of photo stream, AirPlay compatibility, and even games! For all of these amazing features, Appy Couple offers the best value with a reasonable one-time payment that includes unlimited publishing time and tons of site designs.

What’s The Catch: While most of Appy Couple‘s designs are stylish and trendy, they’re not necessarily as current and minimal as some you’ll find on more premium sites. Additionally, the fact that this site is so customizable actually results in a lack of straightforwardness and ease. For example, there are multiple ways to configure your site’s layout but the options aren’t all given to you on one prompt within the builder. Pro tip: after selecting your intial design, you can toggle your layout version under Dashboard > Settings > Wedding Website > Wedding Website Layout.


Minted copy2

Price: Free or one-time $35 premium payment

What We Love: Minted is a superstar in the wedding world, and for good reason! Most of Minted‘s free wedding websites have corresponding wedding paper suites so you can have a comprehensive style theme in all of the material you offer your guests. Building a website on Minted is fast, intuitive, and straightforward – perfect for couples who want a simple and seamless wedding website building experience.

What’s Not Working For Us: The simplicity that Minted offers results in a basic, no-frills HTML page which means there aren’t fun graphics or interactive features like the more premium sites. It also places a big emphasis on floral and rustic designs, which we love, but that results in a lack of trendier modern designs.


Joy copy2

Price: Free

What We Love: After years of waiting, there is finally a reliable wedding website builder with a corresponding app that is completely free! Joy offers most of the features that the more premium sites offer (think: fast and intuitive user interface, modern fonts, and sleek site organization design), along with one of the more unique and user-friendly site layouts we’ve seen. Joy is the perfect choice for the modern couple who wants a totally free wedding website experience!

What’s Not Working For Us: Joy‘s customizable site designs are pretty generic but can be avoided by selecting a custom color instead (I chose a bright coral). Additionally, their photo uploader doesn’t let you resize or change photo placement which can be a pain when you’re working with large photo files. Joy also doesn’t offer custom URL domains.


Squarespace2 copy2

Price: $16/month or $144/year

What We Love: Looking for the perfect wedding website to show off your gorgeous engagement photos? Then Squarespace is for you! Between slideshows, custom galleries, and beautiful ways to display images on your homepage, Squarespace lets your amazing e-sesh speak for itself. This website hosting behemoth offers six beautiful layouts to organize your wedding site. In addition, Squarespace features one of our favorite building experiences with the ultimate balance of highly customizable and intuitive design offerings.

What’s The Catch: Squarespace‘s site design is so modern and minimal that it relies on your uploaded photos to carry your page’s design. That said, Squarespace offers a great logo maker that can help jazz up your wedding website’s header with something special (and it’s totally free)!

Riley & Grey

Riley grey 2 copy

Price: $35/month or $240/year

What We Love: Riley & Grey‘s gorgeous wedding website builder features seamlessly beautiful backgrounds and a wide variety of ways to organize your wedding details. You can choose your homepage graphic from a list of incredibly current and modern art trends like freshly marbled paint, abstract boho botanicals, and even a hip illustration of tattooed knuckles! Bottom line: Riley & Grey offers a straight up stunning site builder experience with a highly intuitive user interface.

What’s The Catch: At $35/month or $240/year, publishing a site on Riley & Grey tops off as the priciest on our list. Do you know some friends that are also looking to publish a wedding website? They offer a discount referral program where you and a friend both get one free month if you both publish a site with them!


Wix copy2

Price: Free or $10/month

What We Love: Wix offers three modern and minimal wedding site layout options to start, but once you commit to one, you’re free to use any of their hundreds of fun and stylish background options (or your own image, like I did). Wix‘s photo uploader is one of the easiest to work with, plus their interface is very intuitive, easy to navigate, and highly customizable. If you love being able to click, drag, change the color, and resize every text box and graphic as much as I do, then Wix is for you!

What’s The Catch: Wix‘s free package includes a pretty intrusive footer banner and tab at the top of your wedding website advertising their hosting services (shown above). It costs $10/month to upgrade and get rid of their banners.

At the end of the day, there are so many great wedding site builders available that it’s easier than ever to find one that works for you and your partner! Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of the best wedding websites out there, it’s time to start selecting your vendors. Check out this article on everything you need to know about hiring your wedding professionals!


*This post contains affiliate links, which means we might make a small commission if you end up purchasing a product from one of our sponsors! Thanks for your support!

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  1. Great article Gabby ! I also found, albeit a little cookie cutter, that the Knot free website was just what I needed. You don’t get your own specific URL but you get free templates from Minted, Wedding Paper Divas, etc. It was also easy to integrate my registries with the webpage. Worked perfectly for me !

  2. My fiancé and I went with WeddingWoo. We found the customization abilities there to be the best to show off our engagement photos. It’s super easy! The interface is quite straightforward and I found the easiest to work with. My friend used it for her wedding and told me about them. I really liked how unique my website looked compared to all the other options I tried.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Tiffany!

  3. Great list, Gabby! My (now) husband and I have been super happy with Joy. Although it’s not as powerful as we would have hoped, they have big plans for the future. We found the guest communication feature to be invaluable, and we absolutely loved the clean, simple designs. Several months after our wedding, we still return to our app to ooh and ahh over the hundreds of guest photos. It feels like a gift. I highly recommend Joy!

  4. While searching for a good wedding website builder- offering many of the features outlined in your blog- I came across Joy. So far, I have loved the experience in developing our custom site and it has been extremely easy to use. The best part being, its free to use!

    Although, there could have been a bit more room for customization, the website is more than capable of meeting our needs. It is well developed, responds quickly and is very user friendly. The Joy staff are also readily available and responsive to your questions.

  5. Great list, Gabby! While searching for a good wedding website builders I came across Joy. I think it is pretty easy to use for us mortals :)

  6. This website has given me and my guests the ability to see not only my story that I would tell over and over again at the wedding, but an easy transaction for our my guests travel needs and questions. I am so thankful for the friendly and easy accessible webpage for this big endeavor.

  7. After trying out a few options we settled on Joy – they made it really easy to build a functional and beautiful site while offering some options for customization. The support team is also very responsive and super helpful!

  8. Nice article Gabby. We used a website called OurBigDayInfo Wedding Sites. One of their features which we really loved was their ‘RSVP Reports’. Each week you receive (via email) a spreadsheet of all RSVPs submitted. It was a useful for getting a bird’s eye view of who is going, what their contact number/email is etc. Their customer service is also super and they great at helping get your RSVP form setup with your own questions (we collected our guest’s wedding meals on our RSVP). Their setup was pretty simple too. They do a once off payment – but you get a lot for it. They are at Good luck! Babs xo

  9. We went with for our up and coming big day! When we were researching to begin with we honestly found it very hard to find a company whose designs weren’t cheesy or didn’t cost the earth! Really happy with our site now and only took a few minutes to set up…happy days!

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