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August 26, 2010 | Christy

At the heart of every wedding is a fantastic story – a story of love, of family, of triumph and of loss; the history that has made you, you. stillmotion photo + cinema, the incredibly talented Vancouver based photographers and film-makers (and Junebug members!) are experts at understanding the essence of their clients’ stories and masterfully telling them through film. This phenomenal film from the recent wedding of couple Mel and Joel is rich with moments of subtle symbolism combined with big emotion. Mel’s brother recently passed away, so his absence and the necklace that Mel wears as a reminder of him both play large roles in this film, just as they play large roles in this couple’s lives. Simply touching and beautiful!

Learn more about this sweet wedding story on stillmotion’s blog.

The music is used with permission from Kim Taylor, and the song is I Am You’.

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  1. We’re crazy about our dogs, so I sent this to my fiance. I am hoping he’ll decide that we do need a video.

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