The best wedding photographers in Spain from Barcelona to Seville - available for destination weddings worldwide.
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That is why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers from Barcelona to Seville, Spain, and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Maria and Roberto are a couple who photograph couples. They each are professional, thoughtful and friendly, and together are fully dedicated to making their part in your wedding the best experience it can be. With a shared passion for travel and adventure, they still maintain to keep every wedding and engagement they shoot as unique as possible.With their exquisite colors and compositions, each image has its own special charm -- whether it be a shot of the details or a romantic couple portrait. Their style is natural and elegant as they focus on documenting the truth behind your special day. Hiring Roberto and Maria allow you to be fully confident that every important moment and emotion will be captured.
romantic wedding image from top photographer, Andreas Holm - Spain
Leading photographer, Andreas Holms was born in Sweden and makes his home in Spain, where he combines his gorgeous location photography with emotionally compelling photojournalism to create one-of-a-kind wedding photography. Working behind the scenes, he reveals the unique relationships and characteristics that make your wedding special to put the focus on what matters most to you. Whether you're getting married in Barcleona, Mallorca, Marrakech or anywhere else in the world, Andreas Holm is bound to deliver the complete story for your wedding in creative, artistic photos that will bring you back to why you fell in love, over and over again.
Living out his dream of photographing weddings, Luis Tenza of Spain is an incredible artist working throughout the Iberian Peninsula and beyond. By establishing himself as a non-conventional photographer, he has built a style and process all his own, incorporating both photojournalism and editorial techniques. Luis embraces the natural aspects of your wedding day, focuses on the connection and emotions felt in the air, and remains an observer from beginning to end. Using natural light and the beauty of the outdoors are his specialty, though no matter the environment, Luis is able to capture images that are original, honest, and deeply rich in color.

With a rich history of experience in the media world, Sergio Cueto is a passionate photographer, specializing in documenting life's most meaningful moments. His style is characterized by dramatic uses of light and color, which create images that effortlessly convey the truest emotions of his subjects. Finding beauty in the expressions that others might miss, Sergio carefully and intuitively draws out the emotion of your story, capturing it in beautiful detail. With a slew of accolades to his name, Sergio photographs every moment of your day with the utmost professionalism and skill, and is available for wedding dates across Spain and abroad.
The artists behind the name are Andrea and David, two friends working together to bring original, documentary-style wedding photography to couples around the world. Andrea discovered her love of photography at a very young age, while David had a bit of a longer journey to find his fate -- but now they both call photography their passion. DOS MAS EN LA MESA creates images that are thoughtfully and stylistically composed, while still giving a natural, spectator's perspective. Their phenomenal use of light and shadows, rich, earthy tones, as well as their ability to capture the personalities of their subjects make each and every photograph come to life. You will forever cherish the complete and breathtaking photojournalistic account of your wedding they create.
No matter what your style or aesthetic is, Gabriela Ramirez works her magic behind the lens to authentically capture her couples personality and love for each other. Every couple has a different story, and Gabriela believes each one should be told from an honest, unique perspective. As an artist, she demonstrates her creativity and skill in each shoot, while still delivering the utmost professionalism to her clients. The images you receive from your special day will be overflowing with emotion, energy, and beautiful moments filled with immense love. Based in Cadiz, Spain, Gabriela was born in Mexico and travels there often -- she is also available for destinations worldwide.
Inspired by their own true love story, Gloria and Daniel are the People Truelove Tellers - the documentors of a love story so special it can only be yours. This pair works diligently to preserve the memories of your wedding day, beautifully capturing the fleeting emotion of each moment. Without hesitation, Gloria and Daniel reflect on their own marriage experience to create images that do justice to what will surely become your most cherished day. For images that let your memories survive the test of time, and are told passionately and beautifully, the People Truelove Tellers are up for the challenge. Gloria and Daniel are based in Miranda de Ebro, but travel anywhere to tell your story.
Nestled within the beauty of the island of Mallorca, award winning photographers Philippe Degroote and Nerea Vizcay combine their talents to create breathtaking images of couples in love. You can count on them to humbly and unobtrusively document the emotion and joy of your day and create a beautiful visual story that tugs at your heart. Creating authentic, timeless and vibrant images that perfectly capture the story of your love, Philippe and Nerea dedicate themselves wholly to the preservation of your one-of-a-kind day. Fluent in French, Spanish and English, Degroote & Vizcay are available for weddings across Spain and worldwide.
This award-winning husband and wife duo work seamlessly and effortlessly to create timeless pieces of art that will be passed down and cherished for generations to come. Based in Europe, Dallas and Sabrina delight their clients with beautiful artistic portraits and compelling photojournalistic images. Their soulful, romantic style has a unique modern edge, attracting hip couples who want unposed, natural, and relaxed images - ones that are an honest reflection of your connections with the people you love the most. Working tirelessly behind the scenes to capture every fleeting moment of authentic emotion, their fine-art photographs will give you chills and make you smile all at the same time. Whether you’re getting married in Spain or halfway around the world, Dallas and Sabrina can’t wait to photograph your unique love story.
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