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We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Mexico from Cancun to Mazatlan,
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Including Acapulco, Campeche, Ciudad Juarez, Hermosillo, Los Cabos, Monterrey, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Puebla, and more!

For Hideki of Button Up Photography, the art of photography doubles as a form of communication. He utilizes his creative skill in composing and crafting authentic imagery that tells the story of your special day. With the addition of his warm, personable spirit, Hideki and his team seamlessly become a part of the memories and moments that make up your wedding. Not only friendly, but the team of Button Up is professional, flexible, and responsive, consistently demonstrating their strong work ethic. Hideki's photography exhibits vivid color, resounding clarity, and palpable emotion. From the start you will feel free to share your suggestions and vision, that in the end will result in wedding coverage that exceeds your expectations. Available throughout Mexico and worldwide.
First, it is only necessary that we highlight the incredibly brilliant and authentic logo that this Mexico-based photography team showcases. Second, it is also important to note that their work happens to be even more brilliant than their pizza logo. Possessing an effortless cool to their imagery style, Cheesiness brings a breezy freshness to contemporary wedding photography. Every image is thoughtful, artistic, crisp and vivid with the perfect amount of originality and variation to keep your eye moving and your mind interested. With photography coverage from Victor and his team, your wedding photographs will be forever unique and forever reputable. Available worldwide.
Christian Garcia and his breathtaking photography are all about celebrating your love. His intimate documentary wedding photography centers around your personal story as a couple that is just beginning to blossom. Inspired by the greatness around him, his spectacular imagery is full of life and makes the colors and tones of any scenery come alive as well. And beyond his talent, he truly enjoys spending quality time with his couples in order to create a lasting bond and connection. Christian Garcia of Mexico will jump on a plane to meet you anywhere in the world, ready to capture the little sparks of love that surround you.
A naturally gifted world explorer is one way to describe this incredibly talented photographer, also known as Carlos Elizondo. After working as a chemical engineer for ten years, he realized his life's passion and never looked back. The life he leads now is an adventurous journey with a focus on capturing raw emotion in the most beautiful ways possible. Carlos presents a striking vividness within his images that is unique to his craft and perfectly frames your memories in artistry. With Carlos as your wedding photographer, he will tell an incredible visual story, while making each singular piece of the narrative beautiful in its own right. Available throughout Mexico and worldwide.

Kape Photography

In the midst of wedding planning with the love of her own life, Karla Posadas of Kape Photography realized just how important it is to freeze those irreplaceable moments in time. “A photograph for time-travelers,” she vows to document the details that you want to keep reliving for years to come. Her photography style is natural and authentic, and she considers herself a visual narrator of each story she captures. Kape Photography is based in Mexico, but Karla will travel anywhere to deliver handcrafted images of your special day.
Embracing both their individuality and the magic they create working as a team, Jose and Karla of Baja California’s Los Ebano are rising stars within the photography world. By putting their focus on the timelessness of your love instead of the trends and styles that come and go, they are able to create striking images that keep memories alive. These two love a couple that has unique personalities and spirit, which in turn inspires them in their artistry. Always creative, authentic, and honest, the photography of Los Ebano is soul-searching, emotionally-driven works of art.
Modern wedding photography by Vincent Ribon - Zasil Studios - Playa del Carmen, Mexico
An artist of extraordinary imagination and skill, French photographer Vincent Ribon, runs, jumps, and feels his way through each wedding he photographs to unobtrusively capture poetic moments and deliver the delightfully unexpected. Calling his style Cre-Active Documentary, he's well known for creating luxurious wedding collections that are fashionable, edgy, and always compelling. Driven by a deep passion for meeting new people and exceeding their expectations, Vincent and his talented team travel around the world to reveal the beauty in every person, and the unique wedding rituals at the heart of every culture. Based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Aix en Provence, France. View his online brochure  
top Mexico and destination wedding photographer Fer Juaristi
Be prepared to get blown away! Fer Juaristi’s website is like a trip to a fine-art gallery for lovers of gorgeous wedding photography. You’ll simply have to stop and take in each and every one of his images, while they transport you to moments that speak for themselves; full of beauty, sensuality, and breathtaking lighting. Humble and kind, Fer loves to capture life as it is, and takes an unobtrusive approach to photography so your day can unfold without posing or directing, so there is no doubt he’ll leave you wondering “how in the world did he get that awesome shot?”  
The work of Israel Arredondo brings creative freshness and visual clarity to the wedding photography industry. As a dedicated professional, he strives to document weddings as uniquely as possible; focused on delivering an authentic yet artistic representation to the bride and groom. Each photograph possesses incredible depth, richness, and vibrancy, all while he creatively uses the space provided. Israel feels like a friend as he captures your love and the natural contrast that exists in the environment. You’ll feel confident in his talent and his ability to guide you through each shot, which then reflects in the beautifully vivid images.
Immensely talented, successful, and charismatic, Don+Helen are a growing force within the wedding photography industry. Beginning their photography journey roughly five years ago, Don and Helen have crafted a style which is entirely their own; distinctively warm, radiant imagery with intensified emotion and intimacy. These two were recently named one of 30 rising photography stars from across the world, an honor they truly deserve. Based in the Canary Islands of Spain, but constantly traveling to beautiful locations and destinations, Don+Helen are an absolute joy to work with. The art that they create will encapsulate the light and joy in which your wedding day holds.
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