The best wedding photographers in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu, California, available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles, California
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Amy and Stuart Photography
Amy and Stuart strive to make your wedding photography experience simple, fun and stress free, and those same qualities are beautifully reflected in their images. With an approach that’s all about a fresh and comfortable California style, they create a serene and balanced feeling in each lovely photo they take. Through their lens and with an artist’s eye they show us a simple, stylish and uncomplicated look at the beauty and wonder that a wedding day brings. Simply. Beautiful. Photography.  
Roberto Valenzuela Photography
Simple, real, and oh so romantic, Roberto Valenzula’s images expose his passionate heart and your most memorable moments. Balancing an intuitive photojournalistic approach with an ability to create breathtaking portraiture, Roberto creates timeless award-winning images without getting in the way of your celebration. Relax, rejoice and rest assured he’ll capture the shots you and your family will treasure most, while you’re enjoying your wedding day. Fluent in both English and Spanish, based out of Beverly Hills, and available for destination weddings worldwide.  
Trend setting wedding photography from L.A. wedding photographers - Apertura
Internationally acclaimed wedding photographers, Ray Soemarsono and Erwin Darmali, combine their genius to create the studio of Apertura Photography. Each artist has his own crisp, distinctive style, but they clearly share an heart-felt addiction for emotional moments and an uncanny ability to set trends that makes their work stand out as relevant, compelling, and inspiring. No strangers to the plane, Ray and Erwin are thrilled to cove the globe to creating works of art for the most serious photography junkies in the world.  
There's really only one word to appropriately describe photographer Jeff Newsom and his photography: awesome. Take one look at his work (and read a bit of his website or blog) and you’ll easily see why. Jeff's images are inventive, energetic, and utterly unique- each one a delightful discovery you didn't even know you were looking for. With soaring creativity he approaches every scene he sees with an unexpected perspective. Whether photographing an amazingly artistic composition or a simple moment of real life, Jeff Newsom makes it his own.  
Warsaw-based Rafal Bojar is an award-winning editorial-style wedding photographer, with a knack for preserving the excitement of your most meaningful moments. His earthy, honest photo effortlessly capture the emotion and subtleties of your day. Rather than treating them like clients, Rafal views every couple he gets the honor of shooting as dear friends, knowing the most candid, genuine moments don't come from uncomfortable poses or planned shots. Focused as much on capturing the atmosphere as the people who create, his work is undeniably emotive. Rafal travels for destination weddings across Poland, Europe and the world.
A photographer and filmmaker by trade and storyteller by instinct, Andrew Abajian has an unmistakable approach that delivers images that reside in a class all alone. His sincere disposition reflects into his work and drives his pursuit for honest, emotionally-filled images and his respectful relationships with clients. By delivering your wedding day vision while also infusing his own dynamic, melodious style he creates intimate pieces of art personalized for you and your loved one. With impeccable use of natural light, various shots of both the tender and lively moments, and his journalistic ability to document all that's around him, Andrew Abajian's work will give you a new-found appreciation for the overlooked beauties of life and nature. Available worldwide.
One glance at the stunning images that come out of The Photogenic Lab, and you'll know all you need to about Jason Bach. His distinctive style is characterized by playful, innovative images that wrap stories into single moments. A marked departure from traditional portraiture styles, Jason's liberal use of color and light, combined with his technical expertise and years of experience behind the lens, create dynamic and captivating images. Jason's inspiration is born of a passion for creating beautiful art out of the human connections which he's privileged to witness. The Photogenic Lab is available for weddings worldwide, with special rates for the following select cities: New York City, San Francisco, LA, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Boston and Washington D.C.
If you're hoping to find a photographer who can capture more than individual moments and, instead, weave a narrative through breathtaking images, please meet our friend Rich Clarke. This professional yet kind, knowledgeable but friendly, humble gentleman is committed to delivering his personal best with every click of his camera. Rich, aka Clarkie, is able to creatively use natural light and composition to make each of his photos fresh and new. With the emotional connection he forms with his couples, intimately raw, dream-like photographs are plentiful. Powerful, non-traditional images that can remain invaluable throughout your life together is his specialty. Available worldwide.
A former working actor and the face of L'Oreal respectively, Brian and Allie Callaway combine their extensive experience in front of the camera with their brilliant ability to capture images behind it, and together they make one of the most talented photography teams on the planet. If you are looking for dynamic imagery that breaks the status quo of wedding photography, look no further. Allie uses her experience as a model to ensure you look your best, while Brian draws upon his fine artist's eye, technical mastery and photojournalist's gift for timing. Seasoned travelers who are down to earth and delightful work with, Brian and Allie adore exotic locales and cultures and they're highly sought after in California and for destination weddings all over the world.
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