The best wedding photographers in British Columbia - available for your local or destination wedding
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted list of the best wedding photographers in British Columbia
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Luke Liable Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver Island

Luke Liable is hopelessly attracted to the curiosity of human nature the connections we forge. With a goal of igniting a spark that will bring the memories he captures roaring to life at a glance, Luke creates images that feel legendary, mystical and timeless. Luke knows that the best images aren't made on a strict schedule, but rather when moments unravel slowly, naturally and freely. Because of this, Luke is devoted to working with couples to set aside time during their wedding day to allow their excitement and elation to fully come alive in front of his lens. Luke is based in Victoria, but works often in Vancouver and across British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest and abroad.

N+D Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Nelson Murray and Devon Regier comprise N+D Photography of British Columbia. Two guys with cameras, specializing in weddings and portraiture, yet with something extra that makes them so inherently different - a really, really good kind of different. They effortlessly unveil the true character of a place and time through photography; no matter how simple the shot, or faint the detail, something meaningful is revealed within the image. Whether they are directing their subjects or intently capturing natural interactions, each and every photograph is artistic, expressive, and awakening. You simply don’t want to pass up the chance to have N+D write and immortalize your love story.

Shari + Mike Photographers

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

With creativity and innovation at the core of everything they do, this talented husband and wife photography team strive to create images that capture pure reflections of who you are. Artistically documenting your love story from the most honest and fresh perspective, Shari and Mike take the utmost pride in delivering a carefully curated collection of visually stunning and emotionally-charged images from your wedding day. Whether you're eloping in Iceland or getting married in Whistler, Shari and Mike's passion for travel, new cultures, and photography make them the perfect match to take with you on your love adventure. Based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, available for destinations near and far.

Jessica Lee Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver Island

Based in both Ontario and British Columbia, Jessica Latone has a heart for travel and is known to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice. Specializing in fine art wedding photography, lifestyle portraits, and boudoir, she loves nothing more than traveling the world to do what she loves. Clients rave about her friendliness, professionalism, and most of all, her talent. Jessica takes the time to get to know each and every one of them deeply so that she is able to fully capture their unique quirks and personalities -- never resulting in forced or posed images. Hire Jessica Lee Photography to create magic on your wedding day, available worldwide.

The Apartment Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Acclaimed as a best kept secret of Vancouver, Jeff and Cat of The Apartment certainly won't be "secret" much longer. Their photography alone is incredible enough to skyrocket them into stardom, yet they bring even more to the table by being dedicated, positive, and meticulously organized professionals. These two creatives have an inspiring passion for their work and consistently put their clients above all else. The final product of their easy, laid-back process is beautifully intimate and composed images -- each stamped with an ambiance of coziness and nostalgia. No cheesiness or overdone poses; The Apartment Photography of BC will capture your wedding with warmth and originality. Available worldwide.

Sara Rogers Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Any couple searching for a nature-loving, adventure-seeking photographer is in luck; Sara Rogers of Vancouver has a passion for the outdoors and any imagery that captures and reflects the beauty of the world. Her friendly demeanor has a way of making anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and her dedication is evident as she goes the extra mile to get that one, unique shot. With true passion for new cultures and experiences, Sara focuses on capturing the natural interactions around her, wherever that may be. The end product is wedding coverage full of expressive color and artistic compositions, always bright and full of energy. Available worldwide.

Kimberley Kufaas Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver Island

Creativity isn't just a notion for Kimberley Kufaas - it's her very essence. Explore her body of work, and you'll see this essence laced through her images, which boldly emanate the unfettered warmth and emotion behind them. Kimberley finds her passion in capturing the phenomenon of the human connection, carrying an adoration for the uniqueness of each romance she shoots. Balancing her talent for perfectly utilizing natural light with an eye for artistic perspectives, Kimberley creates crisp, romantic images, overflowing with vibrancy. With a vagabond's heart, Kimberley travels beyond the borders of her picturesque home of Vancouver Island, photographing the love stories of couples across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Joelsview Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Inspired by the creativity every click of the camera allows him, Joel Jaszczyszak lives for the artistic freedom of photography. Luckily for those recently engaged, with Joel's incredible passion also comes dedication, as he works tirelessly for not only his craft but for his couples as well. The imagery he produces lets both love and nature shine, creating breathtaking photographs full of authenticity and vibrancy. Joel is consistently striving to grow, giving each couple a magical wedding experience with a fresh, renewed perspective. Available throughout British Columbia and beyond.

SambaJoy Photo & Art

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

This Brazilian duo based in Canada are so madly in love with one another they got married twice, and just might be planning wedding number three. Madalena and Marcelo of SambaJoy Photo & Art love capturing a love story. They have traveled the world together photographing life's most precious moments for couples in over 20 countries. It's their love for one another and their love of adventure that inspires their photography. It's important to them to establish a connection with their couples so that, on your wedding day, you feel like they are old friends there to capture all the joyous moments. With SambaJoy, you get world renowned photographers and a personal, intimate photography experience for your wedding day.


Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Bursting at the seams with creativity, energy, and talent, Melissa Baker of BAKEPHOTOGRAPHY delivers radiant, heart-felt images from an authentic and distinctive point of view. Highlighting your chemistry and the meaningful relationships in your life, Melissa completely devotes herself to making sure that your love story unfolds naturally from start to finish. Working with tremendous skill and a fantastic sense of humor, she will make you feel like old pals and put you at ease in front of the camera. If you're looking for fresh, artistic, unscripted images that will have you reliving every moment from your wedding day, hire BAKEPHOTOGRAPHY. Based in Vancouver, available for destinations all over.

Jayme Anne Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Jayme strives to capture the natural; which entails all those unplanned, spontaneous moments and genuine feelings that come through on your wedding day. The richness of her imagery is created by the depth which she portrays and the incredibly, vibrant hues she captures. Her creativity and vision are one-of-a-kind, bringing interestingly enchanting compositions. While working, her warm personality brings a light-hearted fun to the day, as she makes sure to go above and beyond every aspect of her job. The photographs you receive will show the day just as you remember, set beautifully as a storybook composed of artistic, meaningful images. Available for weddings and elopements across the globe.

jennifer armstrong photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver Island

An artist with a camera as her instrument, Jennifer Armstrong is deeply in love with people, stories, and the magic of a photograph. Working on Vancouver Island and beyond, her style fits perfectly with the backdrop of the Gulf Islands, though traveling to your destination is just another one of her passions. It is quite clear that Armstrong was born to be a photographer, with her ability to make a moment remain alive and her calming presence that puts anyone at ease in front of the camera. Jennifer easily flows with your day and feels just like another member of your family, there to celebrate and document this incredibly special day. With instrument in hand, she produces lyrical and organic photographs that truly speak for themselves.

FunkyTown Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver Island

Included within every shot of your wedding day taken by FunkyTown Photography is the actual feeling of the moment and experience. Christina and Gwen are the talented artists behind the name, and these two ladies have mastered their signature process of creating phenomenal imagery; one in which demands the least effort or pressure on you as possible. This is all done for the purpose of leaving you relaxed to enjoy the memories, but also to verify every image showcases the natural, honest beauty of the day. Shooting all over the world within the past ten years, few professionals can compete with the amount of experience, skill, and expertise possessed by Vancouver Island’s FunkyTown Photography.

Sachin Khona Photographer

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

british columbia photographer sachin khona
With storyteller instincts and a creative vision, Sachin Khona delivers stunning, unparalleled images that are rich with emotion and alive with spirit. Taking a natural photojournalistic approach to every wedding he documents, Sachin's artistry and ability to create personalized pieces of art for each client places him in a class of his own. From the small details you worked hard to perfect, to the intimate interactions between you and your loves ones, Sachin brilliantly tells the story of your wedding in an artistic and meaningful manner. Whether you're getting married in British Columbia, Europe, or some far away destination, Sachin will travel anywhere in the world for you.

Tara Lilly Photography

Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Based in Whistler, and often exploring the rest of BC in their camper-van, Tara and Steve love getting to know their couples as much as creating heartfelt, natural imagery. Described as modern nomads, their passion for travel has led them to capture weddings across three continents. No matter where they travel, they love to call the west coast home and showcase the beauty of nature in their editorial, intimate style. Tara and Steve encourage their couples to celebrate their uniqueness and embrace the nontraditional. Whether you’re planning a wedding on the coast or an elopement on the other side of the world, Tara and Steve are ready to join you on your adventure.
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