The best wedding photographers in Austin, Texas - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Austin, Texas,
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International destination wedding photographer Geoff Duncan never settles for the ordinary, and neither should you. Instead, he pushes the bar higher and higher to take wedding photography to a new level with his brilliantly composed and expertly captured images. Take one look at his portfolio and you will be wanting to say “yes” to his work, and “I do” in front of his camera. Geoff’s two favorite things are travel and photography, and his kind, supportive personality makes him a dream to work with. Book him early in your wedding planning process and get ready to have the time of your life, wherever you go.
At You Are My True, husband and wife duo Amy and Nathan Russell strive, more than anything, to find and photograph the honest moments that perfectly capture true love. After sixteen years of marriage and seven years of photography, this couple has shot over 150 weddings and still enjoys every single one of them. Their images are full of life, laughter, and authenticity, keeping those cherished memories intact to be enjoyed for generations to come. Based in Austin, TX, You Are My True is available for hire across the world.
addison jones photography
Addison Jones is an artist, in everything she sees, everything she touches, and everything she does. Born into a family of artistic souls and raised up in the heart of the Midwest, Addison brings a lifetime of diverse influences to her art, including an education in graphic design and experience with a broad array of photographic styles. Of everything worth capturing through her lens, Addison's truest calling is capturing the humble beauty of her fellow humans. The stunning images Addison creates of couples in love carry a romantic lightness and uncanny honesty, each evoking a distinctive sense of joy. Based in the Midwest, Addison is ready to travel to your destination, U.S., Europe or beyond.
There is a casual cool to Ron Dillon and how he approaches photography. Your wedding is a high pressure day with a lot of anxiety about getting everything just right. Ron puts his couples at ease in front of the camera. He says, "not everyone knows how to pose for a photo, but everyone knows how to be themselves". Ron's photos reflect just that- authentic moments. He strives to create timeless, romantic, and emotional imagery in his work. Ron reminds his couples, "your photos don't have to look like everyone else's". And you know what, they shouldn't. When all is said and done, and you take a look at your collection of photos, you will have a visual representation of your unique love story.
Enchanting and romantic, Jeff Brummett has carved a clear place for himself and his lovely imagery within the north Texas wedding industry. His affinity for fashion and editorial photography gives his work a unique perspective, blending the positives of both classic and modern styles of shooting. As he captures your wedding, he doesn’t just use natural light, but utilizes it; stretching and capturing every sun ray so that its warmth fills the frame. You’ll see quickly that Jeff’s work has a distinctive glow both from the natural light and also the happiness in which he pulls out of his subjects. Nothing completes a beautiful day more than the radiant, vivid imagery of Jeff Brummett.
Much like their hometown of Austin, Texas, the duo behind Happy Day Media is easy-going, friendly, and charismatically fun. And due to their high-quality, creatively composed images, they're luckily just as talented as they are a blast to work with. Andy and Carrie are dedicated to their clients, being dependable and trustworthy from the beginning of your wedding process to the end. Their photography style possesses an editorial and artistic foundation, with a little added photojournalism that aids in catching those fleeting wedding emotions. What you receive in the end are photographs overflowing with color, joy, and a touch of quirk -- proving to be just as unique as you and your significant other. Available across the Lone Star state and beyond.
Sam Hugh has an unmistakable gift for capturing the rich, the emotive, the breathtaking and the quiet - the moments that absolutely must live on. Balancing a mix of styles that showcase the best of fine art portraiture and candid photojournalism, Sam creates images that are as engaging as they are honest. A proud and hopeless romantic, he recently wed his sweetheart after living a beautiful, international love which ultimately led to an elopement for the ages. Bringing that same sweet passion to every wedding he shoots, Sam will patiently and skillfully preserve every detail and moment - great or small - of your best day ever. Sam is based in Austin and available for international travel.
Connected to art from an early age, Amber Vickery found her way to photography and never looked back. Now photography is a simple extension and expression of herself, as she happily spends her days capturing love in all its natural, honest forms. Amber is drawn to document raw emotions and moments that strewn together authentically tell the story of your wedding day. Using a mix of photojournalism and editorial styles, her work is multidimensional and thoughtful, combining personal memories with all the aesthetically beautiful details. Based in Austin, she is ready to shoot anywhere around the globe.
JD wants the decision process of choosing a wedding photographer to be as easy and painless as possible. Thankfully, the combination of his stellar imagery and tried and true professionalism make for one straightforward choice. Being published in an array of magazines and media sites, JD’s work is recognized for its foundation of bold naturalness, vivid hues, and intense emotion. He puts in the effort needed to guarantee unique, special photographs; along with experience to navigate a wedding - knowing where to be and when without ever rushing or interfering. JD works hard to get the photos he’ll be proud of and you’ll treasure forever. Available around the world.
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