The best wedding photographers in New South Wales - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Sydney, Australia
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Marcus Bell & co's highly emotive, documentary style, and quiet, unassuming approach have made them one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the world. Marcus' quiet nature and his passion for people and their relationships, for families and touching moments that makes him such a popular photographer with couples looking for something truly special. The essence of their talent lies in their ability to capture the real soul of a wedding, the stolen glances and tear-filled smiles, tiny details and intimate moments that play a part in every wedding day. But it's not just their elegant images that have us hooked - their easy going nature will relax even the most anxious couples. Take a look at the Studio Impressions website - we dare you not to fall in love with these Australian wonders and their breathtaking artistry. Available Worldwide.
Alex and Cassandra Olguin are two, charming love birds who actually found photography together as husband and wife. Through this cultivated passion grew beautiful talent, which now has blossomed into the successful business they operate today. The Olguins have found that getting dropped in the center of your world with the agenda of capturing the real, unplanned, natural interactions is truly how they work best. It’s within this place that their creativity thrives, and they create those electric, vivid images that bring you right into the moment as a viewer. Each shot more pure and emotionally-filled than the last.
It’s the true passion and honor of Wedding Gallery Studio to capture couples on their most significant, magical day together. Evan, along with his wife Clair, has built a boutique studio where the clients come first - delivering authentic images that document the details, the energy, and the amazing emotions that make up a wedding day. Every image is both technically and artistically aware, creating imagery that is timeless in its style and approachable by all. With care and professionalism, the Wedding Gallery Studio team create art personalized for their couples, while maintaining the promise of beautifully honest photographs.
best australia wedding photographer van middleton
Incredibly talented, easy-going, and ever so humble, top Australian wedding photographer Van Middleton will do whatever it takes to get the most beautiful photographs on your wedding day. Whether that involves being an observer so he can discreetly snap the most unguarded moments, rearranging furniture, manufacturing light, or posing his muse - the simple, romantic imagery he creates will leave you breathless. Specializing in surreal photojournalism, Van is drawn to beautiful lighting, architectural lines, and unusual scenery - we especially love how he uses the ethereal landscapes of Australia as his canvas. Relax, rejoice and rest assured that Van will capture the shots that you and your family will treasure forever. Don’t worry if you’re getting married elsewhere, Van is based in Australia but loves shooting destination weddings around the world.
There’s an effortless style within the images of Jason Corroto Photography, as each photo flows with the next, telling a story with personality, heart, and ease. It’s evident he pulls a lot of inspiration from the ocean and beach, as his style possesses the same beautiful serenity. Jason takes a candid, journalistic approach; his work and process are easily characterized by the same laid-back, easy-going feel. There’s no forceful posing or unnatural direction, leaving Jason to capture the little in-between moments and the unexpected action just the way it occurs. Whether in Sydney, or across the globe, wedding images shot by Jason will be soft, raw, and honest.
No shot is ordinary with Zoe Morley Photography; as she provides a unique perspective from your wedding day, capturing details and moments in a way more beautiful than you ever realized, she produces photographs that are truly authentic. Zoe tailors her perspective to the style and vibes of your wedding, which, in turn, gives you imagery that truly reflects the semblance of the day you created. It’s a photography style that looks as though it were plucked straight from a picture book -- ethereal, dreamy, and majestic. And no doubt, Zoe additionally brings her delightful, quirky spirit as she works, making the environment fun and relaxed - just as it should be.
Typical of photographer Damien Milan’s work is a magnetic intensity of closeness. There is something about the way he captures a moment - something intoxicatingly real and raw. From the texture of landscape and dress, the intimacy of pre-wedding preparatory steps, to the quiet drama of technique and of tone, Damien’s approach is one of telling a story through detail. Based in Australia and living in Brussels for four months of the year, Damien Milan Photography is available throughout Europe all summer. If planning an international or destination wedding, consider the practicality and cost-saving of a trusted photographer already in situ. Contact Damien to enquire about his dates and availability.
With an extensive background in fashion, portrait, and wedding photography, Matt Godkin is an adventurous soul always searching to capture the most honest moments. By allowing his clients to be comfortable and truly themselves in front of his camera, Matt is able to portray the most unique and authentic parts of each couple he photographs through his images. His use of natural light and ability to capture the most genuine moments will transport you back to that special day for years to come. Matt Godkin is based in Sydney and available for hire anywhere.
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